My first Hammer.

Aug 23, 2016
Dublin Ireland, NRW Germany, Sandwich MA
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Hello all,
Im new to engraving, I am currently an apprentice to a master gunsmith in Germany.
But have found a new love and passion in engraving.
I am still very very new and i suck and obviously as a student dont have much money for tooling.
So i made this little hammer up and in terms of the weight and flexibility in the shaft it suits my needs.
I intend on making more but i just finished this and thought i would share it with you all so you can tell me what you think.
The head is tool steel and the handle oak.
I blued the head as i thought it would look nice and obviously help with preventing it from rusting.
It was turned from 30mm round bar and then i milled the flats and filed and polished. :hammer:

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