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Forum Rules and Guidelines

In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible, please take time to read through this document.


As many of you have witnessed, it has become more and more common for threads to deteriorate into arguments until the thread needs to be locked or deleted. Since we came online in 2006 The Engraver's Cafe has prided itself on being a civilized, drama-free community where beginners and professional engravers could come and share thoughts, tips, tricks, and most importantly, make new friends. If you insist on pushing the limits with nasty comments, disrespectful posts, or posts with a negative tone, all of your future posts will go into a moderation queue and will not see the light of day until approved by a moderator. In addition, moderated users have fewer permissions and features than unmoderated members.

There will be no debate, discussion, or arguing about the intent of the post or the resulting action. The rules are simple, play nice or leave and THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE.

Agreement to Rules of Use

It's About the Art of Engraving

First and foremost, the mission of The Engraver's Cafe is to provide a friendly and relaxed setting and to share, help, and support others. It is the goal of the administrator that members consider the Cafe to be their cafe, and maintain good community spirit and take small town pride in the forum.

Community Attitude

• While friendly debate is not discouraged, postings that engage in mudslinging or intend to inflame or insult are unacceptable. Everyone is free to disagree, but if a member feels the need to post a personal attack or abuse, then take it elsewhere. Arguing and bickering are unwelcome in the Engraver's Cafe.
• Please think before you type.
• Expect others to follow by example when you post messages. Please support each other and help maintain a friendly Cafe.
• Read over your response carefully before posting to ensure it cannot be interpreted the wrong way and cause unintended offense.

An Open and Neutral Place

• The Engraver's Cafe is an open and neutral forum, and will not permit arguments of one tool brand vs. another, hammer & chisel vs. power users, gun engravers vs. jewelry or western engravers, or anything vs. anything. Discussion and friendly debate are fine as long as it remains cool and polite.
• The Cafe embraces ALL forms of hand engraving, and its purpose is to promote technical discussion and to inspire quality work.
• Many of us are passionate about the tools and techniques we use and styles we favor. While members are not discouraged from discussing what they like best, please don't allow discussions to become heated. Instead, apply that energy to becoming a better engraver.
• Agree to disagree, and if you are unsure about a post you'd like to make, you can always contact the administrator or a moderator before posting.

Tool Wars

• Fortunately the skirmishes are few and far between, but let this serve as notice of the Cafe's zero tolerance policy on arguments over tool brands. Polite discussion is always welcome. What's not welcome are innocent sounding questions and comments which are nothing more than veiled attempts to stir up controversy. Let's not play games here, ok? We all know exactly what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter who you are, how long we've known you, or how many friends you have. If you violate this rule you will be escorted out the door and not allowed back. Think before you post. Ask a moderator or administrator if you're unsure or unclear about the rules.

No Freedom of Speech and No Democracy

While The Engraver's Cafe is an open forum, members are not free to say anything they wish, introduce controversial subjects, be unkind to others, gripe, complain, or make pests of themselves. If this is a behavior you wish to engage in, then take it elsewhere. We encourage open discussion when done in a peaceful and friendly way. This is not a democracy so please don't expect to be able to do as you wish.

You are not welcome to post innocent sounding questions and comments which are nothing more than veiled attempts to stir up controversy. Let's not play games here, ok? We all know exactly what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter who you are, how long we've known you, or how many friends you have. If you violate this rule you will lose forum privileges and features, and all of your posts will placed in the moderation queue and will not be seen by the public until approved by a moderator. Think before you post. Ask a moderator or administrator if you're unsure or unclear about the rules.

The administrators and moderators owe no one explanations for the way this forum is managed.

Thread Hijacking

• What is thread hijacking? If someone starts a thread showing a photo of their work and you post a photo of your work and/or change the direction of the discussion to something else, that's thread hijacking. Another example would be changing the discussion in a jewelry engraving thread to gun engraving. If someone asks about a specific tool brand and you change the discussion to another tool brand, that's another example of hijacking. Please use common sense and courtesy, and if you have a question or are unsure about whether it's ok to post, find an administrator or moderator first.

Politics, Religion, Second Amendment, and Causes

• If a member wishes to discuss politics,religion, or the Second Amendment, there are dozens of other forums which host those discussions.
• The Cafe's membership will consist of many ethnic, religious, and political persuasions. Don't assume everyone or anyone else shares your beliefs or politics.
• Let's keep the discussions on engraving and leave our political views, religious views, and prejudices at the door.
• Debating controversial subjects should be taken elsewhere.
• Your cause or beliefs, regardless of their nature, shall not be promoted or discussed in the Cafe.
• If you are unsure or have a question about this, contact the administrator or a moderator before posting.

Gun Control, Ownership, etc

Our forum consists of many firearms engravers and topics of gun control/ownership are hot topics that often take an undesirable direction. Our past experiences have shown how these subjects turn into slamming of politicians, the government, the president, liberals, conservatives, and the list goes on. There are plenty of internet forums that welcome these discussions. The Engraver's Cafe is not one of them. Stick to how to make guns beautiful with hand engraving and take the other discussions elsewhere.

The Cafe's Private Message System
Use of The Engraver's Cafe Private Message System is privilege, not a right. Please don't use PM's to harass, insult, spam, or abuse others. Should abuses be brought to our attention you will lose PM privileges and other forum features, and your forum posts will be placed into the moderation queue for approval by a moderator.

• You may purchase banner advertisements by visiting this page.
• Some members have engraving businesses, schools, products they sell, etc. While it's acceptable to make announcements or inform members about important new information pertaining to your business or product, Cafe posts should not be used for blatant commercial advertising. Please limit commercial announcements to one per member per 2 week period. You may add more than one product or class in each announcement.
• Mentioning your business, website, and contact info in your signature is allowed and encouraged.
• Please keep all signatures to three lines or less or one small non-animated graphic no larger than 120 pixels wide by 25 pixels high.
• Please use our BUY & SELL page (for non-dealers) to list hand engraving related tools.
• If you are unsure about a post you'd like to make, contact the administrator or a moderator before posting.

Offensive Material/Language

It is imperative that every member understand that the Cafe is a 100% G-rated family oriented forum.

• Posting messages which contain nudity, offensive language, or adult content is prohibited.
• Linking to any site which contains nudity, offensive language, or adult content is prohibited.
• Don't post anything that you wouldn't say in church or in an elementary school classroom.
• People of all ages will be reading and participating in the Cafe, so please use common sense and don't post anything you wouldn't want your mother, children, or customer to see or read.
• If you unsure, don't post until you contact the administrator or a moderator.

Posting Photographs
• When posting photos, either uploaded to our server or hosted by another server, please be advised that you are giving The Engraver's Cafe permission to copy and add those photos to our Photo Gallery, and they will remain there indefinitely.

The English Language

• The Engraver's Cafe is an English speaking forum which embraces members from all cultures and from all parts of the world. Occasionally there are situations where the meanings of words and phrases are misunderstood. Please keep this in mind as you are reading and posting messages. Not everyone has an equal grasp of the English language, so please consider this before becomming offended by what someone says. At the same time, some members whose first language is English experience difficulty in getting their message across without offending someone. It is the poster's responsibility not to let this happen.
• If English is not your first language, or if it is and you have problems getting people to understand you without offendeding, contact an administrator or moderator for assistance before posting your message.
• While everyone should exercise common sense and not be quick to be offended, the burden of responsibility shall always placed solely on each member to create messages which don't confuse or cause problems.
• Posting messages which inflame members and then claiming it's not your fault because you can't communicate in English very well will no longer be tolerated.
• An administrator or moderator will be happy to assist you if you need help making yourself understood.

Explanation of the User Ranking System

members receive a silver star when they reach 500 posts.
members receive a gold star when they reach 1000 posts.
members receive a diamond when they reach 2000 posts.

User Name Changes
User names cannot be changed. Whatever you do please don't create another account in order to circumvent this rule.

Removing Your Account
Accounts will not be removed. If you wish to leave, we cannot and will not delete your posts and/or photos, so please don't ask.

Who Owns This Forum? and are owned and operated by Sam & Abigail Alfano. The hosting of this forum is made possible by the generous donations of Pledge Members and advertisers who purchase paid banner ads.

The daily operation of the Cafe is conducted by our volunteer Administrators and Moderators. Important decisions regarding the operation of the Cafe are made by the owner and administrator, Sam Alfano. Other admins and moderators are normally included in discussions regarding these decisions. There is no outside communication with anyone regarding the operation of this forum. There is no advice received from anyone other than Administrators or Moderators. There are NO companies or individuals who exercise ANY control or influence over the operation this forum and what you see posted here.

Other Items of Importance
• You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this forum.
• Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.
• Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the author.
• Please note that with each post your IP address is recorded.
• The administrator reserves the right to add, modify, or remove any of these rules at any time.
• Rule changes apply to past, current and future posts.
• Administrator has the final say in any rule dispute.
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