News, Problem for California firearms engravers.

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Because the Cafe does not allow political discussion please see the FEGA forum if you are interested in this matter.
California is proposing Assembly Bill 1064 which forbids the holding of a FFL license in a home or residence.
As we know, most firearms engravers work out of their home. AB 1064 creates a big problem for many
I hope FEGA steps up to the plate and voices their official objection to AB 1064. Please contact them.
And let's hope that your State doesn't follow this procedure.


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Nov 10, 2006
durango , co
John this is really nothing new when i was back in new york and it was time to renew my ffl, i had to get certification that where i lived was zoned for a business this was not a requirement of new york state but a new obstacle imposed my president Clinton as a way to reduce the number of gun dealers in the country fortunately there were no zoning restrictions where i was living so i was ok but others i knew where not so lucky as they were living in a residential area We are the only artists being persecuted by law if i was a photographer or painter living in an apartment house there would be no restrictions as to my businees dealing out of my house