Question: Ngraver graver alternatives?


Mar 25, 2016
Hello! I just have a quick question regarding gravers. Several years back I ordered the Ngraver graver kit after I took a class, and I've really enjoyed the way the no.1 diamond engraver cuts. I was hoping to order one or two more of them only to find that its evidently difficult to contact Ngraver these days(Tried calling earlier today, even, and got no answer, then checked online to see several forum posts stating the same) and they could potentially be out of business.

I was wondering if some one knew of a good alternative to the Ngraver diamond point, or suggestions as to what gravers they prefer to use. I liked the slight angle it has, it stays pretty sharp for a long time, and its small enough to where I can get some really fine detail on the rings I engrave. (if it helps, I tend to engrave on gold/silver/platinum for the most part)

On a side note, I've been having to do a lot of milligrain recently and I was wondering what people would recommend for milligrain tools. I have a set from Stuller and I'm not especially thrilled with the quality of the milligrain it puts out.

If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it, thanks!

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