Non-Master bulino or scrimshaw by John B.

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Place a transfer or drawing on the metal, cover with clear tape.
With a very sharp Xacto carefully knife out the outline without hitting the metal.

Areas like the eyeballs, wet nose etc. where you want a bright white highlight prick minute dots through the tape to outline the whole nose or eye.
Using a very fine art brush paint the whole eye or nose with fingernail polish or equal.
These areas will be finished in the traditional way later.
Leave the tape over any larger areas to remain white.
Blast at 15-20 psi, remove the tape and clean any painted areas.
Cut the engraving using your normal method, you will find you can get a decent, but NOT MASTER quality image in reduced time with less cutting.
I have also used this method to do a fairly " quick and dirty " affordable scrimshaw.
Many of the high art engravers will disagree with this method and I point out again that this is not a substitute for fine quality master work.
It has uses where time and price are a prime consideration such as semi-production work.

I expect some fireworks and it isn't even the 4Th of July.
Best to you all and I sure hope Barry chimes in with his methods.