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Nov 9, 2019
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Hello everyone. Let me get the confession about being a totally, negligent moron out of the way. I have a Sil-Aire 100-24. I have had the machine for some 5 years now, and never changed the oil. here comes the big surprise...i have my GRS Gravermax G8 back at the manufacturing getting a total refurb because oil got into the unit. I use it sparingly, for stone-setting applications, and some light ,decorative engraving maybe 2-3 hours a week. So, incredibly expensive lesson learned. So, I'm trying to figure out why I am getting oil in my air tank. It seems like quite a bit. Any advice out there would be appreciated. Thanks


Dave London

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Nov 12, 2006
You need to have a oil coalescing filter to keep the oil getting too your equipment. The compressor you have is not a oil less model. Also I would add another moisture filter in line also.
Clean dry air is required for these type of air tools.
Good luck, hope this helps
Edit. Some oil in the tank is normal along with water , drain it about one a week depending on how humid you area is
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Nov 9, 2019
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Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely get a moose filter in the line-I have at least one coalescing filter, probably two. Both are in line outside of the air tank, one is mounted directly outside of the G8 machine , and the other right outside of the air tank As much as they need to be addressed, there is still oil getting into the actual air tank. I drained it of the condensate that had formed during my negligence, and filled it up with air again, then let the air out, and still getting oil out. I'm guessing it has something to do with a seal in either one or both of the 1/2 hp pumps.....

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