Positive and Negative


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Jul 8, 2017
Pensacola, Florida
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Thank you Sam Alfano for the scroll drawing DVD and Ron Smith for the book. It makes the world of a difference for us beginners. On that same note, I took the advice to get a nautilus for good reference on logarythmic spirals.

Something I decided to try out was putting a negative imprint into plasticine. It's kind of cool to see the graduation of spirals towards the center, and gave me an even better reference for making smooth cuts coming off of the backbone.
I use plasticene to draw directly on the metal pretty quickly and a few other applications on my bench, but hey whatever works.
Thank you for all of you who participate on the forum, a lot of the beginners dont realize the wealth of information on the sight, and the advice they are getting from more senior engravers. Give your mother a hug and kiss today if you can. 20190512_130959.jpg