Potography: Using your light box to get flat lighting by Rod Cameron


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Nov 19, 2006
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Sam showed a some great pictures, posted recently, where he had the use of a nice $500 unit for controlled lighting when photographing jewelry. His photos showed that it worked really well.

There are various 'tents' available a lower prices, to produce flat lighting for photography.

Recently I got a light table, to use when doing tracing and overlaying various sketch ideas. It cost about $80 from Amazon.com ... "Porta-Trace, model 1118". It is just the right size to sit on your lap, or tilted on the desk.

The price is right, and I recently experimented with it, as a flat light source that can be tilted, as you see in the picture, and it can be moved around in two planes, by hand, as you look at the camera monitor. The results are an improvement on using ambient light, and help to keep down hot spots. It is not as good as a proper tent, but if you don't have a tent, and do have a light table, it is worth a try?

This is another of my practice plates, put to use as a little box on my bench top. My friend, Arne, granted me permission to practice interweaving bright scrolls, in the style of a lovely photo of one of his pieces. As I have written before, when practicing, I find it useful to try for exact copies of the chosen masterwork. That way, the difference between the master/student results show up very clearly, and let you know what is missing in your plate, and what hopefully can be addressed in the next practice plate.




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