Question: Puk 3/Orion vs laser


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Nov 3, 2011
Haida Gwaii
I have neither. However I do pay for laser work to be done on some pieces of jewellery.
I have made use of the laser on sterling cuff repairs, where there is a worry about losing my temper. And on fine gold sculpture, where gold welding would cause serious risk of annealing. I imagine that an arc tig type like the puk or Orion would serve me fine in such an application as I just described.
My real question comes to production silver work:
With laser, I am able to deliver a sack of silver pendants and earrings (polished and assembled) and all the welding I need done (mostly jump rings and bails) can be done. The soot comes off under the steam cleaner, and they can just go straight to market. Would this also be true with a mini arc pulse welder?

There are a few other applications where I have used the laser without a lot of post finnishing done, and it has proven very useful. Wondering if I've got a home option?
Thank you