Reusing old FG bur


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Nov 20, 2020
Ledyard Connecticut
I had a bunch of these dull 1/16 friction grip burrsand decided to make a small collet from 1/8 brass stock I had laying around. Pretty simple process. Cut to length, center punched the end then drilled a .120 hole in a piece of wood. I nailed the brass into the wood so it was held very secure (I don’t have a vise) I then drilled a 1/16 hole. Cut 2 slits in the brass with a jeweler saw and gave it a quick buff. Last I pinched in the 4 teeth of the collet with a pair of pliers to make it grip the burr tightly. Works great and now allows me to get more life out of these tiny burrs. I have found them to work well for a nice small bulino dot tool or as a very small scribe.

Sharpening the burrs is very easy, just chuck in your micro motor or high speed hand piece like normal and while spinning hold it up to your diamond stone or hone. Gets a nice fine point.

I'm sure others have thought of this but hopefully it helps someone!


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