Rotary work holding system.


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Feb 11, 2008
Bismarck, ND
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A present for everybody to hold a pistol barrel or a auto slide in a vice.
The gray C-clamp works but is limited for length. The new and improved one is made out of a Irwin heavy duty clamp, [they also make a similar light duty one.] the end piece is drilled and tapped for a bolt. Using a rounded off brass bolt worked for the firing pin hole in the slide. Use brass pipe fittings to mate to the part. Using an old Foredom hand piece bearing allowed easy turning of the slide while engraving. The handle is cut and a hex is filed on the end to use a wrench for tightening. Drill out the end rivet, knock off the end clamp, file it larger to permit it to slide on the bar and drill extra holes to make it adjustable.
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