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Nov 8, 2006
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I'm finally got caught up a little so I thought I would put together this little tutorial. I use this transfer method quite often.
You can use this many different ways. By that I mean you can use the computer to adjust sizes or shapes your going to fill in.

First; you need good tracing paper from an art supply Co. and draw or trace your design onto it with pencil.
Second; use a piece of clear scotch tape and apply it over your drawing burnish over the tape with your finger.
Third; peel up the tape off the tracing paper. As you can see you get a pretty good pull.
Forth; apply a nice light coating of Alfano's engravers wax with your finger on the item you wish to apply your pull.
Fifth; apply the tape to the item and lightly burnish over the tape with a burnisher.
Peel back the tape and you get a reasonable transfer to work with. You may want to scribe your line in if your afraid of smudging but you can always do it again if necessary.

It's quick, easy and you really don't need any high tech stuff if you draw actual size.

This was from a drawing I had laying around and I just went back over it with a pencil real quick for this demonstration. You can use a very refined drawing to get very detailed results.
Hope someone will find a useful.


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Nov 11, 2014
Thanks, love it. Simple is beautiful. Especially being new to the engraving world. Question, why do you put wax under pull b4 you apply? Thanks again.
Aug 30, 2016
Saratoga, CA
Pretty late response but the reason is the transfer wax allows the graphite to stick to the surface easier and it also makes the surface a lot duller which allows you to see the design much easier. When viewing a drawn layout on polished metals, the graphite will blend in very easily with metals like silver and steel.

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