Snow White Ceramic Laps (reconditioning)


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Nov 10, 2006
Hi All,
I started a new thread on laps because I didn't want this buried. I took my well used lap and
soaked it in Muriatic acid and then cleaned it in BCR. It came out snow white and as clean as the day it was made. To use this you must use the proper precautions because this can be

BCR (Beaker cleaning reagent) from Oakite
is not dangerous. We buy it a C.R. Hill Co. in Michigan
in one gallon containers for our standard Ultra sonic
cleaner. It doesn't break down but just get murky.
I use it for about three weeks before changing the

I wear the full kit of safety stuff when doing
the muriatic acid (water down HcL = Hydro clorick
acid). I use full respirator with a face shield, rubber gloves,
rubber apron, with a bucket of water standing by.
This stuff smokes when open. I personally know
how to use this stuff safely. You can get it at
swimming pool supply houses. They use it to clean
the pools. We can get also at Canadian tire
for use on drive ways to clean up oil. So it's not as
bad as true HcL. The thing is your not just throwing
it on the drive way. Your getting up close and
personnel with it. This stuff stings if you get it on you.
You don't do it, twice. So be careful and don't try to wing it.
Get the safety equipment. Rio Grande is where I got mine.

So, this is how it's done.
Pre clean the lap by putting it into a the ultra sonic with BCR,this gets rid of the top dirt.
Rinse in water and dry. I do the acid stuff outside on the patio.
I use a baking Pyrex dish to put the lap in. IMPORTANT, add the acid after
the lap is in the dish. We do not want any splashing of the acid.
Let it soak for 15 minutes. This oxidizes any metal particles and loosen all the oxides.
Take the lap out of the acid is not what you would think.
I use a small plastic glass and pin the lap to the bottom of the baking dish.
With the lap pinned I pick up the whole dish and pour off the acid in a funnel and back into the bottle.
Make sure the bottle and funnel are supported so they don't tip over.

You might want to practice this with water before trying it out with the acid. Use the funnel and a similar
bottle. Just so you know it works well. Try not to let one drop of water go astray.
After the cap is safely back on the bottle and funnel is rinsed. The take the dish with the lap and put the
whole thing in the water bucket. You can take the lap out while it's in the water by tilting the dish and
lapp sideways. So you have a bucket that will hold the dish comfortable with enough water.
Dry the lap off. It will still be grey at this point. Put back into the sonic with the BCR.
The oxides will fall off and the lap turns snow white.
BCR is a base but you could soak the lap in water and baking soda to be sure all the acid is neutralized.

One last warning, if you haven't ever used strong acid before. Do not do this as your first try.
This stuff will not kill you, but it hurts for a long time if you get it on you. Dilute the acid with water
if it comes in contact with with your skin. Quickly. If your a clutz, then forget it. Don't even start this process.

: Jim wasn't sure if he should post this since acids can be hazardous to deal with. I consider this important information so we decided to share it. Neither Jim nor I recommend this procedure. If you choose to do it, you must do it in a safe and responsible way. / ~Sam
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