some of my custom knives (not engraved)

Aug 3, 2019
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Lately I've had the inexplicable urge to resume making knives. Because of a variety of time related reasons and work constraints, I had altogether stopped several years ago. As many of you may know, knife making is extremely time consuming ( at least to make something that satisfies my personal ideas of what I think looks good and functions well). Then there's the whole issue of making a knife and fully engraving it the way I'd want to (I like to engrave bright/flare cut style)... just sort of thinking out loud and trying to reconcile the time commitment with the resulting lessening of time to focus solely on engraving (which I have had as a goal for a while). Not sure if I should resume the former and incorporate the latter, or focus solely on the latter (meaning, focus just on engraving quality knives and firearms -- all made by others, or also incorporate my past manufacturing/fabricating experiences.. and engrave my own stuff). My conundrum is whether combining both skills together is the way (for me) to proceed. I suppose that's what seems to be perplexing me..with other work commitments, etc., it's hard to decide. I don't like getting into a project and then having to lose interest because of not fully thinking through things...if that makes sense. I suppose if I had more time I would probably fabricate and engrave...I guess. IMG_20170402_102823.jpg IMG_20170402_102759.jpg IMG_20170402_102809.jpg IMG_20170320_191604.jpg IMG_20170320_191549_edit.jpg IMG_20170205_143356.jpg DSC00047.JPG DSC00043.JPG IMG955067.jpg IMG_20170114_113447.jpg Anyone have similar experiences, thoughts, criticisms, maybe? One core concern is if I invest 80+ hours into one of these, inclusive of full engraving and sheath, I'm doubtful I'll be able to charge enough to have it all make sense as a going proposition....Anyways, thanks for looking. I really do appreciate any thoughts