Steps of carving a franklin half dollar by Billzach


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Nov 8, 2006
mayfield, ky
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This is for all members, but especially for new engravers who have only hand push gravers..The franklin i,ll be carving is a 1958 uncirculated half dollar which i purchased on ebay for $6....The first picture is the franklin dollar before anything is marked or carved, the next one is where i make a rough design with a scribe and cut out a little below jaw, the next one is where i,ve cut as level as i can "into" the scribed marks..Everything i,ve done so far can be done with a hand push knife graver and a hand push #36 flat graver..I,ll add more pictures tomorrow as we design beard, hair and cloths...Remember this is a project especially for new engravers who have only basic tools...So get a franklin half and carve it with me and if it turns out nice you can sell it and upgrade your tools..[PS] I,ll be using my gravermax to cut hair and beard, but you hand push graver users can cut both with your push gravers..............................................................Next Steps, The next picture will show where i,ve cut hair, beard and cloths, etc.I,ve also cleaned up the field some and added a hatband......The next picture will show where i cleaned the field up level, stippled the hat, added lines to hatband, added some frown lines in back of eye and sanded field and rough spots on subject..Still looks a little rough, lets sand a little more, let,s burnish the lines and curves sandblast it and age it out and see what we got.....The finished recarved coin looks ready to sell.....Let,s see some pictures of your recarved frankilin..