Steve Adams' sculpting tools


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Nov 6, 2006
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Here are a couple of photos of Steve Adams' sculpting tools which he uses on hobo nickels and in his die work. Maybe Steve can elaborate on which ones he uses for different applications.

from steve: "Small tips of converted burs stating at the 12:00 position and going clockwise.
Rounded chisel, flat round, small square chisel, round chisel, small square, small flat square, rounded V, angular, beveled point, medium square flat, small semi flat, large round, small needle, four sided point, small engraver, verysmall flat chisel. Chisel tools have a slightly sharpened edge compared to flats so they can be pushed as well as pulled. Just think of the shape you want to cut or sculpt then grind the tip of the bur to suit your purpose, but don't ruin the temper of high speed steel by grinding too fast. The possibilities are endless. The tools look small, that is until you get under the microscope, then you end up making even smaller ones. So far I have made about 75 of these tools and each one fulfills a different need.
The examples for handles start left to right. Two oak pegs drilled and sanded down at tip. Three Starrett pinvises that hold anything from 1/8 to something the size of a sewing needle. One walnut peg with a mushroom end, it makes a great little graver handle. Five 1/4 aluminum lathe turned handles that have brushed centers for a better grip. Because of their light weight, aluminum tools allow you to really feel what the tip of the tool is doing. One 1/4 walnut dowel and one 3/8 walnut dowel handles. The last is a Starrett scribe holder which holds 1/8 tools."


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