Steve Hoel small coke bottle engraved by Barry Lee Hands

Feb 7, 2007
Las Vegas
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This one was at the BLADE show, here is the description:

“Island Songâ€￾

This one of a kind masterpiece is a definitive example of the Art knife by inter-frame master Steve Hoel and Master Gun Engraver Barry Lee Hands.

This classic Steve Hoel Small Coke Bottle displays lavish ornamentation including generous amounts of 24k and 22 K yellow, 22k pink , 12 k pastel green and 18 k green gold leaves and stems set on a background that has been detailed with carved and sculpted leaves on the 416 stainless inter-frame.

The gold leaves are decorated with twenty-eight precious stones including pink sapphires, green topaz with blue and white diamonds which accent the vivid pink and green hues of the stunning black lip pearl inlay.

The design continues onto the pearl in 24k gold with Barry's original "Gilded Pearl" technique with twenty gold inlaid leaves, the most we have ever seen, thickly, luxuriously and densely applied on the exhibition grade blacklip pearl. All the elements are surrounded by raised 24k gold borders. There are even four multi colored gold leaves set with precious stones surrounded by raised gold borders on the butt of the rear bolsters!

Around the outside edge of the spine and front bolsters is a twisted 22k yellow gold rope border accent with Barry's "Two Hands" Signature logo on the spring.

To top it all off, the blade, of ATS-34, features the most rare and unusual of Barry’s original techniques-which he calls “Burnished Bladeâ€￾ executed with tumbling leaves and graceful, flowing stems. This stunning hand applied decoration of the blade, a technique invented by Barry, is practiced by no other engraver we know of at this time.

As with all of Steve Hoel’s masterpieces the fit and finish is flawless and the knife opens and closes with astonishing smoothness. Barry's gold work and stone setting is of the highest quality and rarity - this is his very latest work


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