Stipple method explained


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Dec 7, 2006
East Springfield, Ohio, United States
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I've had a few requests to demonstrate the technique I prefer to use when stippling: (I hope this makes sense to you)

1st Pic. Stipple all areas first. Stay neat and work right up to the lines.
2nd Pic. Cut lines as you normally would.
3rd Pic. A close up of the stippling. See how close it is, but not precise--doesn't need to be either. We'll clean up any slight errors later.
4th Pic. A few lines cut.
5th Pic. A few more cuts to "clean up" the rest of the stipple.
6th Pic. Now all you need are the shading lines.
Notice how clean the design becomes. We've managed to keep those ugly stipple marks out of the bright cuts.
Obviously, the pictures were taken through the scope lens.
The item is a pure silver lip plate on a flute.