Stone setting flat top bead

Mike Cirelli

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Nov 8, 2006
Western PA
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So not to high jack Eastslopes thread I started this one.

A short little tutorial on how I set flat tops.

I start by drilling a hole with a twist drill, then using a bud bur make the hole larger so that when you go in with a setting bur you don't get chatter. Choice your burs wisely. On the first plate you can see the progression.

First: I use a round bur to push up the prongs stopping short of the hole.

Second: Trim the sides of the prongs starting at the tip of the corner cutting through to the seat in a V shape. An onglette graver tilted slightly so not to cut off your prong is used for this.

Third: Using a high polished flat graver cut away the sides. Starting at the top of the corner with the tip of the graver run the graver down and toward the other prong, doing this for all sides. Then clean up your cuts for a nice flat angled side wall.

Fourth: Set the stone in the seat. If it's a little tight from pushing the prongs lightly run your bur and clean up the seat. With your round graver push the prongs against the stone, then bead the prongs down over the stone.

Fifth: Clean up your corners with your flat. Starting at the top of the corner and run it toward the prong. Do this on both sides of the prong.

Then lightly polish. If you are going to add a millgrain edge do so after you polished your tool marks away or you will polish it off and it will look worn.

Simply as that.


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