The Robert E. Lee Colt


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Nov 10, 2006
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I've been working on this Robert E.Lee Colt for some time now and it's coming together in its final form. The engraving work is finished and it will go out tomorrow for bluing and assembly by John Powers.
These are shop photos of the gun loosely assembled to show some of the detail. The gun is an original Colt Black Powder Model 61 Navy. Both Lee and Grant carried 61 Navy Colt sidearms during the war - and they were both West Point graduates, as were a good number of the generals on both sides.
The various inlays depict some of the high points of General Lee's Career, including West Point, Arlington, and Washington & Lee University.
I iron inlaid the original inscription that was stamped down the left barrel (where the Confederate Battle Flag is inlaid) as well as iron to fill the screw holes on the right panel to make an area large enough for the Lee Chapel inlay. Lee and his family, as well as his horse Traveller, are buried at Washington & Lee.
This is a brief photo sampling of the Colt before it goes to finish...more later when it is all together.



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