Tongue Depressor bonus by John B

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Sawing out inlays by attaching the metal to a tongue depressor can offer a little bonus in addition to the ease of manipulating the small piece of metal being worked.
Most of the better tongue depressors are made from clear Baltic birch wood.
The same thing used on the top sheet of cabinet grade Baltic plywood.
This is a fine grain, nearly white color wood.
When you have sawn and filed the inlay out and separated the wood from it with acetone clean the tape and glue from both pieces.
The wood backing piece is the same outline as the inlay.
Instead of tossing it away, you or your wood working friend can use it to make a nice broach, pendant or bola.
It can be glued to or inlaid into a nice piece of dark walnut, burl or buffalo horn or other backing material.
The birch can be detailed with a wood burner, carved or sculptured and make a nice gift or little piece to sell at a show or on EBay.
I can make a wearable gift for the client that ordered the inlay work fro you.
Just a thought.

PS. to my post above.
This can also be done using an ivory piano key for the backing material instead of the birch.