Transfer solution for inkjets by Cirelli

Mike Cirelli

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Nov 8, 2006
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This transfer solution may work with any inkjet printer. I personally didn’t try every one. I am posting this to benefit all. It seems so many people have a hard time with a certain printers, ink and transfer sheets. So I thought it through and decided to release a solution I came up with instead of trying to profit from it. It works very well for me but may not for all but I think the majority will benefit. It works like Tom Whites, but if his works fine for you I would suggest to keep using it. It’s a very good product.
The Cirelli solution if I may call it that, is made by mixing 75 to 80 % Synthetic Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon and 20 to 25 % Dammar varnish. I found going toward the 80% seems to work a little better. You would apply a very light coating of the solution to a surface with a Q-tip or soft brush and allow it to dry (it dries very rapidly). I would suggest mixing small amounts at a time.
The printout should be done on an inkjet print in black only, the black ink is the only color that will transfer. Print on the tooth side of the transfer sheet. Then lightly burnish image onto the treated area. It’s that simple.

Now you probably want to know what the heck Synthetic Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon is.

1. Solution 75 to 80 % Synthetic Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon (Zippo new formula lighter fluid) and 20 to 25 % Dammar varnish

2. Inkjet printer your choice (may not work)

3. Transfer sheets , I used two different 3m types and they worked fine) a little tip is to clean the smooth side with lighter fluid before burnishing and you won’t get a waxy sticky build up when you burnish..


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