Transfers Using Loctite 271 and Transparencies


Apr 5, 2007
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Sometime ago pmace posted instructions for image transfers using overhead transparencies and Loctite 271. I finally got around to trying this method and it produces clean and complete transfers. This is the easiest and most consistently reliable method to transfer images I have tried. Unfortunately, when cutting the transferred pattern it flakes and peals removing part of the pattern. Has anyone tried this transfer method and did you have the same problem? If you experienced the same problem, were you able to correct the pealing and flaking?

I wanted to link to the original post, but I cannot find it in the archives. I have attached a copy of his post below.


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Nov 9, 2006
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Another method of Ink Jet transparency transfers.
Melissa McMinn, a dear friend and ex-student gifted me with a Prismacolor Premier pen.
Pen # PM 121, Colorless Blender and available from chain art stores or the Internet.
Apply a coat of the near clear liquid where the image is required, blow on it to tack it up.
Lay your ink jet transparency, ink side down into position and burnish the back of the film.
It gives a good hand safe transfer after a short drying time.
The pen is very well designed with a broad tip at one end and a narrow point at the other, and about the size of a Magic Marker.