Video: Hand Sharpening Gravers by Sam


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Nov 6, 2006
Covington, Louisiana
Quite often we see posts from new members who are just starting out and are on a very limited budget and maybe cannot afford a sharpening fixture. Or maybe you're one who just enjoys the satisfaction of doing something the old school way.

This is a variation of the method taught to me by Lynton McKenzie in 1982. While Lynton sharpened on a black Arkansas stone, I use a small diamond hone for the face and small ceramic stone for the heels, both of which are small enough to sharpen under my microscope.

The discussion of hand sharpening has often become volatile in the past, with some folks proclaiming its superiority to sharpening with a fixture. This video isn't meant to prove or disprove anything. I'm just putting it out there for those who want to try it or those starting out who are on a tight budget. :)