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Hello all. Just thought I would pass along my version of a bowling ball vice in case it might be of help to someone I cut just enough of a flat on it to seat a drill press vice, then in a lathe cut a 3/8 groove in the bottom to fit in a 6" PVC glue cap. Mounted cap to board for a solid base so vice can spin on the horizontal, or lifted out of the groove it can be tilted. Dave
was able to contact andu on instagram. ordered some equipment and already received it . Very pleased so far.
I have ordered some items but haven't got them yet. Now I can't find him.
Is there any way you can contact Andu , have him send me a catalog, Or send a copy of yours?
I haven't had any luck! He is posting again currently on youtube, but can't get him to answer me. GO figure.
He finally contacted me through Instagram. He sent me his 5 page catalog. Let me know if you need his Instagram address?
i'm not sure what the problem is. im one of the forum moderators. when a newbe first posts, they are set aside for approval by one of the mods. i have not seen any posting that you did. the only reason a mod would nix them purposely, would be if the post violated any of the forum rules. political, religious, cursing,, whtever. hopefully a member that's far more computer savvy can solve yer problem.
Does anyone know where I can get a andu air engraver???
Were you able to find an andu engraver? I've been looking for some extra collects with out any luck. I only have one and it is a little convenient. I've even tried to email the guy and he hasn't responded.
Andu air engraver He is selling threw Instagram only from what I heard in the field he had problems with Steve Lindsay and a lawsuit came about he Instagram is anduengraver.vna or
Hi Phil, did you try and send me another message yesterday or this morning? I got a new notification that you sent me a message but cannot find a new one anywhere. Have a good day.
Its Will do you still have the engraving stuff 4sale?
Yes I still have it all
I sent you a text the other day... can you text me or call and we can talk about this stuff... I really want it out of the garage and I to someone’s hands that are going to use it. (910)263-3589
Brant, Thank you for your very supportive and inspirational Cafe reply to to Monica.
She has worked diligently to learn engraving.
Like you, I was inspired to see what she designed, inlaid and engraved for her NASA presentation.
I feel sure that she really appreciated your thoughtful comments.
Stay well. John
John, It never stops amazing me how many people you have trained and inspired, You have a talent and a gift that very few people will ever reach. My only regret is that I don’t live close enough to you to avail myself of some of you training.
Stay safe and hopefully our paths will cross again.
leonardo: i'm interested in buying one of your ring lites. please email details to when it is convenient for you. thank you for the helpful info you share with us on the forum. monk
Goldsmith/Setter. Bought an old Gravermate to keep my brain busy during Covid... I promise to read stuff before I ask questions.
Is your Palm Vise still available??? If so, What type of payment do you accept?? PayPal? Certified Money Order? Thanks
Yes, still available. I can take whatever will work best for you. A Money Order or check is probably the best for me.

Gordon Alcorn
10573 Kelly Canyon Rd
Bozeman, MT 59715
406 586-1350
Steve, I found a picture of a Las Cruses bit you had engraved. I believe it is one that I have acquired. If you get this message, can you please message me back. The bit is one of me most treasured pieces, I would like to talk to you about it. Thank you, Scott
George!!! How the hell are you Email me sometime Hope all is well with you back east Im in colorado now

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