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Are you having success with Transfers? If you want I can give you a step by step as how I do parchment transfers but this will only take 420 characters. I will need to send it in several messages. Send me a message if you want me to do it.
My name is Chris Gray
Just to let anyone know
My grandfather Lyle Reed died yesterday at the age of 79 he was the owner of Yolo Silver and started his career at Silver Horse in Woodland Ca
Hello to my engraving community I am selling a Complete engraving set up with a BRAND New GRS GraverMach still in the original Box & GRS ball vise with new accessories & gravers & Stereo microscope & bench light also have a lot more
If you're intrested in buying the whole set up send me a message
I am Jack Trader. I had 30 years of custom made tools for building and engraving-uninsured. I lost my entire shop due to Hurricane Harvey and I am putting a business plan together right now to replace everything. Please send a itemized list and cost for everything you have down to the smallest items. I will respond within 48 hours. Thank you,
Do you provide hand engraving services. We are a UK silversmith and reaching out to trade to fix an error. Records on a trophy is missing the bowl on the "p"!
Hello im looking for a steve Lindsay vise i wanted to see if you have anything for sale
Thanks alot
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I don't have any Lindsey vises left ,sorry. I have an old GRS but another guy is coming to look at it this weekend. If nothing pans out I'll send you a photo and info if your still interested
Holidays, relaxing, drawing...
I'm new to hand engraving and I am particularly interested in studying ancient engravings dating to Saxon and mediaeval times.
Hello all. Just thought I would pass along my version of a bowling ball vice in case it might be of help to someone I cut just enough of a flat on it to seat a drill press vice, then in a lathe cut a 3/8 groove in the bottom to fit in a 6" PVC glue cap. Mounted cap to board for a solid base so vice can spin on the horizontal, or lifted out of the groove it can be tilted. Dave
was able to contact andu on instagram. ordered some equipment and already received it . Very pleased so far.
I have ordered some items but haven't got them yet. Now I can't find him.
Is there any way you can contact Andu , have him send me a catalog, Or send a copy of yours?
I haven't had any luck! He is posting again currently on youtube, but can't get him to answer me. GO figure.
He finally contacted me through Instagram. He sent me his 5 page catalog. Let me know if you need his Instagram address?