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bad news, bro. i took the pvc plate to my local post office. they want 40 us dollars to mail the piece to you. personally, i don't think this is a wise thing to do. it's your call, but i think it would be silly to spend all that cash for such a simple piece of plastic.
let me know what you want to do
Hello Kevin
I'm interested in your Lindsay handpiece would you let it go for $1400 or
Would you trade anything for it
looks like we will become neighbors Im moving to west grove by Jennersville this winter Will be a few months until the studio is set up but if I can help you out dont be shy
Marty Rabeno
hi, don't know if you can help me to find the book you fotographed in a post od 2007, that teaches how to draw the ingraving designs

Engraving project - from start to finish - by vilts​

. How is called and where can i buy it?
I received the Ron Smith book today, safe and sound. What a beautiful book! Thanks so much- stay well-

do you have a plotter? if so, what sort of goodies do you create? i use a summa graphics 30" for a lot of my work.
Silhouette America Curio Crafting Printer. was 150$ ish used it for elctoeching knife blades and air brush stencils . never really went any where , too hard to weed the really small stuff. Sort of led me back to engraving. I have a lot to learn yet.
Are you having success with Transfers? If you want I can give you a step by step as how I do parchment transfers but this will only take 420 characters. I will need to send it in several messages. Send me a message if you want me to do it.
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I would love that!
Short version
1 print on plain paper
2 cut parchment baking paper to cover the image
3 tape the parchment over the image and print
Before you tape it on the paper do 2 things. Roll backwards to take out the curl and sand with 220 to take the slippery surface off about .5 to .75 inches of the leading edge of the parchment. Burnish down and make sure it will not slip
4 replace the paper and print.
I hope this helps. Send questions if you have any.
My name is Chris Gray
Just to let anyone know
My grandfather Lyle Reed died yesterday at the age of 79 he was the owner of Yolo Silver and started his career at Silver Horse in Woodland Ca
Hello to my engraving community I am selling a Complete engraving set up with a BRAND New GRS GraverMach still in the original Box & GRS ball vise with new accessories & gravers & Stereo microscope & bench light also have a lot more
If you're intrested in buying the whole set up send me a message
I am Jack Trader. I had 30 years of custom made tools for building and engraving-uninsured. I lost my entire shop due to Hurricane Harvey and I am putting a business plan together right now to replace everything. Please send a itemized list and cost for everything you have down to the smallest items. I will respond within 48 hours. Thank you,
Hello Jack Trader sorry about getting back to you so late are you still interested in the engraving equipment setup
Do you provide hand engraving services. We are a UK silversmith and reaching out to trade to fix an error. Records on a trophy is missing the bowl on the "p"!

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