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Is your Palm Vise still available??? If so, What type of payment do you accept?? PayPal? Certified Money Order? Thanks
Yes, still available. I can take whatever will work best for you. A Money Order or check is probably the best for me.

Gordon Alcorn
10573 Kelly Canyon Rd
Bozeman, MT 59715
406 586-1350
Steve, I found a picture of a Las Cruses bit you had engraved. I believe it is one that I have acquired. If you get this message, can you please message me back. The bit is one of me most treasured pieces, I would like to talk to you about it. Thank you, Scott
George!!! How the hell are you Email me sometime Hope all is well with you back east Im in colorado now
I have finally retired from my career in Fleet Management and Maintenance. If I am rewarded with 15 to 20+ years of retirement I hope I can become a skillful engraver. For now I am doing Christmas tree ornaments I have a few firearm projects planned for when I think my skills will enhance them. NOT anytime soon.
monk here: i think i solved yer problem. lemme know that way the boss, sam-- will have one less problem to deal with tyvm monk
Jerry, I have occasion to be driving thru Baker City tomorrow. Would like to meet you if you have time. My wife will be with me and we can only stay for a few minutes as we must be in Pocatello in the evening.

Roger M. Green
I an selling because hand problems.. inside base does have bearings, the ring it sits on does not...this is not a cheap vise.
does the base have bearing points? Also why are you selling are you no longer engraving?
Hi MIke, and welcome to the forum. As Dkanger mentioned, I am in Matteson, IL .. I don't plan to teach this winter because, as Vice President Blue of the Firearm Engravers Guild of America, I am preparing for our annual Las Vegas exposition, where I manage the judging for the FEGA awards program. GRS has great instructors. Also, if you are interested, I could meet with you in March, after the Vegas show.
I responded on the forum not sure what happened to it? I am interested in purchasing all of your equipment. Please contact me at the e-mail I sent to you last night so we can work out some form of payment and shipping looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Sir,
I posted pics of an engraved colt official police and was looking for any help with who the engraver might be
I have written a response to you but it is waiting on mediator approval. Just wondering what type of work you have used this microscope for? I'm a new engraver have taken a couple of classes from GRS both were good. Need to know if you have a way to make everything safe for shipping? Any idea what this will cost to ship? Not sure how to send a pm?
I would like to have copies of the engraving done by your grandfather and I am happy to provide you with pics of those I have.

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