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Hi Todd, sorry about yesterday I got stuck at the V. A. and hope to get all the engraving material from Bob Maki together for you by this weekend. Mark
Mr. Sam, Rob Thrash here. I LOVE the book, thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge. If I download Linton's stuff can I burn on cd for postarity and portability please? Rob
thanks, I'll check to see what they are into and let you know if anything has to do with fega. Rob
Papart, they sponsor (or at least did back then), the Best Engraved Rifle contest at the FEGA show. That was the award certificate for the 2006 contest. Regards.
Thanks Sam.............I'll do some checking to find out the deal now. Regards Rob
Are the silver grips cast or fabricated?
Are they available without engraving?
What is the cost for plain grips, please.
I have no knowledge about the 8 foot fixtures. All I have seen are the 4 foot bulbs. They would solve such a problem in 4 foot fixtures. The toggled bulbs (two prong) are direct wired to the power cord and turned on and off with a switch. On my fixtures I have in-line switches.
Mr. Sam, after reading this post on led replacements I am in the same boat again!! Mine were free with cold weather ballests and many bulb changes, slow to start anytime and thero overload kills them after about 3-4 hours of I have to tear out the ballests and direct wire them and I'll be in the good? 8' big bulbs , 2 prongers
80% done on new s.s diamond lap, 1050 fixed rpm, axial fan cooled, brass adjustable legs and still a work in progress for the table
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sam, when the format changed the pledge member banner disappeared on my name. I think it auto renewed but if I need to renew let me know
Hi there,
Wissel from the Netherlands here.
I've just began engraving and just have the same problems as mentioned here .
Stupid question : What is Chinese white???
Prob a water based color to do painting ?
I've looked up the meaning in the English- Dutch dictionary but could not find a satisfacted answer.
Can you explain it to me?
Thnx in advance.
Best regards
After buying some Chinese white I really think that it is nothing more than white water color paint. I prefer a silver color marksalot. give it a try.
Skill comes from diligence.
i am intrested in copys of his cd's give me a holler back if you want to. greg leak
I'll look through my tapes and see where they are. I'm partially disabled and have trouble climbing the stairs to my studio but the next time I'm up there I'll find them. Sorry for the delay.
Sam, why can't I scroll back to view previous parts of a post? all I can get are the new replys

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