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Juliet,If are interested in a engraving class I teach engraving in Manassas Virginia and have a Lindsay engraving tool and sharping system,I can be reached at 703-330-0448 or J.J.Roberts
Sam, I ran into this before and now again. I can't read previous parts of a post or should I say scroll back to read parts I read on other days. Whats wrong and how can we fix it?????

Bailey Bradshaw here. I was hoping you could help with a contact for Mr. Hurst's estate. He was engraving an action for a rifle I built, but passed away before completing it. I am trying to have the action returned so I can finish the rifle for my customer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the Best
Bailey Bradshaw
It was bought in the fall of 2017 by the guy I bought it from, ,Yesterday I replaced the O ring in the tip so it can be used quick change by just inserting a Graver with out loosening any of the set screws if you want to, I also installed 3 new set screws for the gravers in case you'd want to use them to hold in the graver more secure for any reason . Just like a new one.
Sam I made a mistake and copied the wrong FEGA Emblem ( The Master ) and didn't realize it till I did It now I cant get rid of it, Im not great at computers, WHAT DO I DO ! help please
David & Kathy Bain were involve in his life as David was a student and hosted a number of EngraveIns ay their house. The last number for David that I have is. 252-399-1368
Archie Woodworth
Mr. Adams, your name was mentioned in a thread on this forum about engraving dies. Forgive me if I have contacted you in error. My interest is in how one goes about making deep straight sided, flat bottomed cells for inlay, champlevé enameling and niello work. It would appear that engraving for dies has similar characteristics. If you are willing, I would be grateful for any advice.
Thank you,
Di Flair
What size cells and to what depth are you talking? That has a lot to do with the type of tool you use.
Hi Todd, sorry about yesterday I got stuck at the V. A. and hope to get all the engraving material from Bob Maki together for you by this weekend. Mark
Mr. Sam, Rob Thrash here. I LOVE the book, thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge. If I download Linton's stuff can I burn on cd for postarity and portability please? Rob
thanks, I'll check to see what they are into and let you know if anything has to do with fega. Rob
Papart, they sponsor (or at least did back then), the Best Engraved Rifle contest at the FEGA show. That was the award certificate for the 2006 contest. Regards.
Thanks Sam.............I'll do some checking to find out the deal now. Regards Rob
Are the silver grips cast or fabricated?
Are they available without engraving?
What is the cost for plain grips, please.

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