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    SAA Work Holding Question

    That's it! I'm looking into making one myself, but if someone here wants to earn a little cash and make a few, I'll take one. Thanks Sam.
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    SAA Work Holding Question

    Understood! That's why I try and keep all business correspondence and casual information in one little book. It started out in my small sketch book but I decided I needed a bigger sketch book and kept the other one for all other information (such as my FFL passwords every THREE MONTHS!!)
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    SAA Work Holding Question

    Before passing, Ken showed me his fixtures and he got them from Carrol Rowles. I have Mr. Rowles address, but if it's a clone from Colt's Custom Shop, then I believe Mike's set would be the better buy as he has adjusted and tweaked it for multiple applications. One item Ken had from Carrol was a...
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    SAA Work Holding Question

    JJ, are those the fixtures from NgravR (Ray Phillips) that Ken Hurst had at one of our East Coast Engrave-Ins?
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    John, like Archie, I also reached out to Bravo20 and discovered we live less than 50 miles from each other. We'll be getting together when the government turns us loose.
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    those that can't

    Done, and with great respect.
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    Announcement: I'm Retired

    I retired from actual work almost eighteen years ago and am more busy doing what I want when I want and its the best job I've ever had! My only problem is starting with nothing to do and almost get it done, plus getting used to six Saturdays and one Sunday. And with this COVID-19 stuff and...
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    3d printing a little workbench organization

    There may be a market for those.
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    working while staying at home

    Thanks to all you guys for your concerns. I try not to mention things like this as there are others in far worse shape than I. It's just frustrating to want to create something and not be able to due to the old body wearing out. I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow morning to address the issue of...
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    working while staying at home

    I've been working on a Spyderco Police knife and several small .22 and .25 semi-autos plus a couple graveside stainless flower stakes and my wife's gold bracelet. Too many projects to catch up on as I've been incapacitated due to some health issues (knee replacements, UTI, sepsis and e-coli to...
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Sam, I checked my account status after the removal and it indicates I'm paid through April 6th, 2021, but it doesn't show "pledge member" on my avatar. Do I need to catch up anything, or am I good through that date? Never mind, I see it there now. Sorry!
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    working while staying at home

    I think if you cut the "pajama stripes" into small sections, like in actual tree bark, it would be better.
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Mostly Christian Contemporary, four part harmony, 50's and 60's Rock and roll. Tried listening to news radio, it made me mad, literally and figuratively! But, silence seems to be the best.
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    working while staying at home

    Sorry, brain fart!
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    working while staying at home

    With two kids in the van when camping in it, the "rocking" had already been done!! And yes, Lee, it was quite a good looking van. Although not built for show, we won our share of trophies at the van shows. I'll not belabor the point and will stop hijacking the thread, but the interior had oak...

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