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    Critique Request Some doodles to show

    Combine the two images and I think you have a winner. Need to see the face of the bear IMHO.
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    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    I also use the Lysol TBC for removing bluing but haven't tried it to remove Parkerizing. Off hand I don't think it will remove Parkerizing but I've been known to be wrong before!
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    The Artwork of JJ Roberts.

    Love the timberdoodle!
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    Today's Egret Pic

    No, the alligator just submerged rather quickly, leaving the egret scrambling for air as he tried to get away!
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    Today's Egret Pic

    The last time I saw one of these was when I lived in South Florida and one was perched on what I thought was an old log floating in the Miami Canal west of West Palm Beach. My son and I were paddling a 12 foot canoe in the canal fishing and when we passed by it at about 10 feet the log suddenly...
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    An Interesting Curvy Twist

    I saw a similar brick wall on a South Carolina plantation near Charleston.
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    INKS please

    I've been using the ink that came with it for about a year now, both for engraving transfers (of which I do little as I prefer drawing on the item directly) and for our home use and the black reservoir is still half full, plus I still have another full black tub that came with the printer. So...
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    INKS please

    I'm using the Epson 3760 series printer with ink tubs and have been pleased with it so far.
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    Printable practice designs

    I have a lot of books from Dover Publications and JJ is right, they have good transferable designs for practice.
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    RIP Gianfranco Pedersoli

    Prayers for his family during their time of grief.
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    Question: Website suggestions

    I use WIX for my site and it was set up by Derek Dugan but my hosting for my name is GoDaddy.
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    Limestone morning glory garland

    Most of the newer compressors are really junk, needing replacement after a few years. I sold my old one years ago and now am attending auctions for old machine shops and gas stations looking for a decent compressor to replace it. Dumb move on my part.
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    interesting movie

    In high school I was assigned to a sign painter through DCT (Diversified Cooperative Training) where I went to classes until noon and the worked with a company in the afternoon. I learned a lot from working with him and I guess he was pleased with me as it wasn't too long before I was working on...
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    Show and tell

    Those are almost the exact words told to me by Ken Hurst when I said I was so afraid of making a mistake on a piece. He then proceeded to grill me on my engraving technique. I certainly miss the old boy.
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    Show us your favourite chasing hammer

    Are these in your possession?