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Trying to learn about half-tone engraving for an upcoming project of mine. Know anyone?
I have two engraved guns done by your grandfather, trappers model 92 winchester 44/40 & colt frontier six shooter 44/40 . The guns were done together late fiftys early sixties, they were left to me by my late father, there extremely engraved & have gold , silver inlays matching one another, any info would be appreciated ,have pics of guns , please contact or Email peterfallasr@gmail.com
send money to;
Lee Griffiths
25 S Main
Hyde Park, UT

Cash is always best. One fellow sent me cash in an old video case, quite creative. Do you need a receipt for the business? Include return shipping instructions and have fun.
jeweler jake
I have a personal rule in which cash exchanges hands only. Internet is credit card or PayPal. Give me a call. 5303708100. Thanks, jake.
jeweler jake
So...wanna sell it? I can do PayPal, credit, personal check, or if you come near boise cash.