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Is your Palm Vise still available??? If so, What type of payment do you accept?? PayPal? Certified Money Order? Thanks
Yes, still available. I can take whatever will work best for you. A Money Order or check is probably the best for me.

Gordon Alcorn
10573 Kelly Canyon Rd
Bozeman, MT 59715
406 586-1350
Steve, I found a picture of a Las Cruses bit you had engraved. I believe it is one that I have acquired. If you get this message, can you please message me back. The bit is one of me most treasured pieces, I would like to talk to you about it. Thank you, Scott
George!!! How the hell are you Email me sometime at....fancygun@aol.com Hope all is well with you back east Im in colorado now
I have finally retired from my career in Fleet Management and Maintenance. If I am rewarded with 15 to 20+ years of retirement I hope I can become a skillful engraver. For now I am doing Christmas tree ornaments I have a few firearm projects planned for when I think my skills will enhance them. NOT anytime soon.

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