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Its Will do you still have the engraving stuff 4sale?
Yes I still have it all
I sent you a text the other day... can you text me or call and we can talk about this stuff... I really want it out of the garage and I to someone’s hands that are going to use it. (910)263-3589
Brant, Thank you for your very supportive and inspirational Cafe reply to to Monica.
She has worked diligently to learn engraving.
Like you, I was inspired to see what she designed, inlaid and engraved for her NASA presentation.
I feel sure that she really appreciated your thoughtful comments.
Stay well. John
John, It never stops amazing me how many people you have trained and inspired, You have a talent and a gift that very few people will ever reach. My only regret is that I don’t live close enough to you to avail myself of some of you training.
Stay safe and hopefully our paths will cross again.
leonardo: i'm interested in buying one of your ring lites. please email details to jayismonk450@gmail.com when it is convenient for you. thank you for the helpful info you share with us on the forum. monk
Goldsmith/Setter. Bought an old Gravermate to keep my brain busy during Covid... I promise to read stuff before I ask questions.