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Hi MKaye,
Thank you for letting me know my info was of value to you! I apreceate it very much.
Things did change for me after the billit is formed though. After twisting I cut it in half to get a nice crisp design and one that mirrors the other side. But thats just one way to get a nice design.
Thanks again,

Very impressive. After a few decades I'm back at bracelets. They were fabricated silver inlayed with stone. This time I'm after engraved bracelets. I'm a rude beginner at engraving. Wonderful work like yours spurs me on. I certainly would like a copy of your "How you did it" if you do it. Your piece with the maple leaves is especially nice.

i just noticed you are from Royal oak michigan my studio is in berkley.

stop by if you are in the area

2689 coolidge highway
berkley mi 48072


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