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Juliet,If are interested in a engraving class I teach engraving in Manassas Virginia and have a Lindsay engraving tool and sharping system,I can be reached at 703-330-0448 or jjrengraver@aol.com. J.J.Roberts
Sam, I ran into this before and now again. I can't read previous parts of a post or should I say scroll back to read parts I read on other days. Whats wrong and how can we fix it?????

Bailey Bradshaw here. I was hoping you could help with a contact for Mr. Hurst's estate. He was engraving an action for a rifle I built, but passed away before completing it. I am trying to have the action returned so I can finish the rifle for my customer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the Best
Bailey Bradshaw
It was bought in the fall of 2017 by the guy I bought it from, ,Yesterday I replaced the O ring in the tip so it can be used quick change by just inserting a Graver with out loosening any of the set screws if you want to, I also installed 3 new set screws for the gravers in case you'd want to use them to hold in the graver more secure for any reason . Just like a new one.

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