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When I was building machines for my ex- son in law, I ground down all the washers to exactly fit the screw heads, this act stands out above all others. Hardly no one does this small custom touch!!! IJS Rob
i started a reply to yer message. i accidentally either sent it to you or maybe deleted it. in any event, iwas glad to hear from you. it has been a very long time. i will never forget the time you spent tutoring me on the specifics of hobo art.
i hope all is well with you and that you are ok. steve, 724-470-7214
It got lost somewhere. Much has changed, Im living in Iowa now. Left big city Colorado and living in a small house in farm country. Just me now. COVID killed my wife. Ill be getting back into carving coins soon. I think I can still run a graver. 303 250 8267 Im pretty deaf now! Gotta love this getting old crap. Ill be in touch. Stay safe.
Hay mitch I seen you had the 508 hand piece for sell did you ever sell it. On the post I did not see if it sold or not

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