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If this is still available I would like to buy it. Please send me your PayPal account address and I will send you the funds.
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Hi Roger. It is available. I just sent you a PM.
do you have a am scope without a stand? it should come with its own stand. i have one stand and all $50
hey Sam! I was wondering if you could help clarify on the raised inlay comment you had on one of these posts saying you form and shape the metal in steel before applying the gold so the gold is at a uniform hight and none of the steel sticks through. your saying you sculpt the animal in steel first so the gold takes on the shape of the sculpted steel below, and then sticks to the teeth? thank you very much
This is Will I wanted to see if you still want the sheet of SS ??
Yes I do. I am getting the funds together and will send via Paypal shortly.
I also have 4 sheets of Jeweler's BRS. 18GA 6"×12" CDA230
2× 12"×12" 0.04 Titanium sheets
grade 2 N91PEM
2× 12"×12" Nickel silver sheets 770 H02
Will, I do but I am having problems with PayPal - something was changed and I cannot even access my account. I cannot ask you to hold this until I get this resolved - they are not clear on the issue. Please go ahead and sell it to someone else in the mean time. If they can get it resolved soon - I'll drop you a note.
Sorry again.

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