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Sam I made a mistake and copied the wrong FEGA Emblem ( The Master ) and didn't realize it till I did It now I cant get rid of it, Im not great at computers, WHAT DO I DO ! help please
David & Kathy Bain were involve in his life as David was a student and hosted a number of EngraveIns ay their house. The last number for David that I have is. 252-399-1368
Archie Woodworth
Mr. Adams, your name was mentioned in a thread on this forum about engraving dies. Forgive me if I have contacted you in error. My interest is in how one goes about making deep straight sided, flat bottomed cells for inlay, champlevé enameling and niello work. It would appear that engraving for dies has similar characteristics. If you are willing, I would be grateful for any advice.
Thank you,
Di Flair
What size cells and to what depth are you talking? That has a lot to do with the type of tool you use.

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