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    Turntable use ... i dont get it :(

    A picture of your pattern please.
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    metal chequering

    Another option would be to use a 'thread restore' file. They can be had in both SAE and Metric.
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    Winchester Restoration

    JJ, That really came out nice, as good as factory new. What grit was that finished to?
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    Printer for acetone transfer

    I may be very lucky, but I have never had any issues with HP laser printers. I have used at least 5 in the last 7 or 8 years, and all worked fine. Could it possibly be the paper, I used the cheapest I can find. Brant
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    Elk scene

    Matry, Beautiful work as always. It is envigorating to see great work, it really gives me something to study and aspire to. Brant
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Turkey Lurkey says, "Don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight!"
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    Came out nice. I can almost hear the chatter.
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    Air compressor pressure

    Everything you need to know is in the manual that comes with the Artisan. Any other questions can be answered by Steve on his site. His customer service is second to none.
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    The Secret Meeting of the Bulgarian Engravers

    Evgeni, Looks like a lot of fun, and some fine food as well. Great to see meetings like this sprouting all over the world. Keep the passion for hand engraving alive and thriving. Brant
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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    As usual Lee, excellent work. every piece has it's own feel and of course beautiful flow. Always a treat.
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    hand engraving on a knife

    Zahar, Beautiful work, I hope it is not going to be used on wild boar.
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    Looks nice JJ. How was that to cut?
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    Vacation pictures

    Gordon, The names of most are in the caption for each individual picture. Some are criptic some are the real names, KDanger, The camera is an Olympus OMD M5 mirrorless. I use 3 different lenses depending on the situation/subject 9-18mm wide angle for large close subjects, 12-42mm for...
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    Vacation pictures

    I know this is not related to anything we do, but the pictures are inspiring to me. I took them while scuba diving in the Cayman Islands. I have two pages of pictures on my site, they are only accessible thru the following links, and the Passwords are necessary. First page pictures taken on...

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