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    The Secret Meeting of Bulgarian Engravers 2021

    Looks like a fun time. Can we bid in the knives?
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    Critique Request Dainty flower

    I think you have done an excellent job of rendering this tulip!!
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    Help, please: Looking for Guidance in New Jersey

    Might want to call JJ Roberts in Virginia. He has all the tools and gives instruction. That way you will be able to try different systems and make a more informed decision.
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    sketch critique

    Only perfect practice makes perfect.
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    I thought that little pink thing way a chew toy.
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    You must develop your eye, fine tune your pencil, and tame your graver into submission. And thank all the very generous people on these forums that so freely give advise and encouragement. Thanks you gents and ladies. Brant
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    Progress pics on the Perugini Visini

    Looks like you are of to a good start.
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    Ed, I don’t think you have anything to apologize for. The “gentleman” is way off coming here and berating everyone here. I agree with everything you said. Well done. Brant
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    Colt SAA case lid -plaque

    Damien, All I can say is WOW. You are obviously one of the most patient and skilled engravers on this planet. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful art and taking the time to explain how you go about you work. The results are stunning. You have opened my eyes and mind to realize...
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    Colt SAA case lid -plaque

    OMG!!! Stunning.
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    Question: What to Charge?

    Nice work, great story.
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    SCI 50th Anniversary Project

    As always Mike, very beautiful. How many hours do you have in that Bighorn?
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    Small practice plate(after watching Sam's dvd)

    It is very clear that you have good graver control. Shadeing is always difficult for beginners (and experienced engravers also). The best advice that I can give is to study your engraved plate and try to see where you would do things differently when you consider light source. Do not get...
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    Practice plates

    I posted these several years back, this should give you plenty to get started. Use the search feature and enter “practise plates”. I know my spelling sucks, but the geometries will give you plenty to keep you busy. Enjoy
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    Take care to not overheat.

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