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    Critique Request First time ever showing my work

    Good evening JB, allow me to apologize I lack the proper amount of design proficiency and understanding of leaf/scroll progression to critique in a knowledgeable manner… but here’s what I was trying to “understand” and forgive me for drawing on your piece. It wasn’t the border to stem that...
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    Critique Request First time ever showing my work

    Welcome JB, you definitely are ready to do some showing. I’m very green myself but there are many fine gentlemen here who can help refine and hone your designs for future projects. I like both your pieces the second feels unique and is intriguing to the eye, although I lack the knowledge to...
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    Air pressur and Engraving handpice

    Mohammad, I recognize that hand piece... I wanted to be sure I had the minerals before buying a expensive setup and purchased that hand piece with a control box and foot pedal. So your current problem is your missing half the system. Your second problem is “as hard as it is to say” is even with...
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    Leopard with Procreate changes.

    Dcurrie, even being very green to this art I would call this a masterpiece as is. I’ve been a industrial painter for 10 years and “over processing” your work is almost always a mistake, its hard sometimes but “put the paint gun/Graver down and walk away”. P.S. take that with a grain of salt...
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    Cherishing milestones

    Hello gentlemen, This is a design by Sam Alfano so I realize its significantly easier standing on the shoulders of masters. Never the less this plate was a delight to engrave, It was the first time I confidently cut every line, didn’t hesitate or stress before beginning each cut. I ”to an...
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    Hello gentlemen, been a while since I’ve posted but have been rather busy practicing. I’ve gotten a few more commissions doing for aircraft placard registration number plates in highly visible areas. Anyways I found after spending 10+ hours trying to duplicate Sams designs for these pendants...
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    Critique Request Sam’s Pendant kit design

    Much appreciate, a case of less can be more, admittedly once inked I was very surprised at the amount of darkness that seemed to appear, while cutting it did not seem to have much contrast at all. Perhaps another understanding that comes from practice, trial and error. Thanks
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    Critique Request Sam’s Pendant kit design

    Good day gentlemen, Thought I’d try this on a practice plate first as it felt a bit out of my league. Sam’s layout and shading are amazing, I tried to follow the leader if you will and for some reason it doesn’t look like the picture haha :) But I was wondering if this is at least coherent. Lot...
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    Thanks you sir for that, picked up more than a couple tips from Mr. Powley there.
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    Unfortunately that is one of the videos I currently lack, that and flare cutting have seemed beyond me till recently. Thanks. I inked the piece it looks a tad cleaner.
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    I was hesitant to try the checkered background as it was my first and quickly realized trying to eyeball the subsequent areas into being parallel was an exercise in futility... lesson learned and this has given me the final nudge to order a proper stippling handle as the electric one I use on...
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    It took awhile before I got the nerve to try one... gotta start somewhere haha. I’d highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to challenge themselves to step outside whatever comfort zone they’ve nestled into.
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    Getting hand control on power graver

    Welcome, I’m a beginner as well so I can offer is some insights into the mode of thinking “I’ll just get this to start” The money and time I personally wasted getting started. First it was sharpening “Ill just spend 100$ On junk instead of 250$” so I promptly bought both and shelved the junk...
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    Let me introduce myself

    Welcome Paul, you will find some the most helpful, friendly and knowledgeable people here. Looked at some of your work and wondering if your using a rotary tool on all your glass pieces? looking good by the way, have a great day.
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    Question: What to Charge?

    An interesting series of events subsequent to this piece. The fellow for whom I made this piece reciprocated in a most profound manner. Only days after receiving it the gentleman attended a meeting in which one topic was acquiring a new registration number plate for a Gulfstream 550... he...

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