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    Question: Mix and match

    And while you're at it, the correct way (Military) is Day, Month, Year, as 10-DEC-2019. Just sayin.......
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    Upon first seeing the photo and not reading the post I thoughtitwas a kite. ;~) Now I'm busy looking for some wire hangers and trying to find my wife's freezer paper roll.
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    Question: Inscribed Model 1886 Winchester

    I also noticed upon further observation that the bottom of the letters H, P and R are radiused rather than square as they would be with a liner. That would indicate a pantograph tool.
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    Question: Inscribed Model 1886 Winchester

    Allan, I was very friendley with Jack Devitt. He showed me a lot of little tricks. One hell of an engraver. I sure miss him. His son Pat now works on Jewlers row doing lettering, taught by his dad. Where are you presently located? ( )
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    Question: Inscribed Model 1886 Winchester

    I have to wonder why the engraver used scribe lines. A good friend of mine was a master letter engraver on Philly's jeweler's row. I've watched him engrave lettering on many types of metal objects and he always used Chinese white and a pencil to do the layout rather than scribe. He was 85 when...
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    Question: Inscribed Model 1886 Winchester

    "the Winchester records indicate that 50 rifles were so inscribed in a single shipment." If it was John Ulrich who did the engraving on 50 such rifles, he must have been bored to death after cutting the first half dozen. ;~)
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    How to get thermolock off a part?

    Use hot glue. Thermolock is nasty stuff.
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    Now that sounds logical.
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    So I'll ask those who may know: Do loading gates on SA pistols need to be hardened? What difference would it make if they were annealed?
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    hand engraving on a knife

    I really like the composition. Splendid job.
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    Just wondering about 2 things. J.J., Did you remove the barrel to engrave and is it really necessary to re-harden the loading gate???
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    Engrave-In 2009

    Yes that was a very good time. Some very fine engravers and artisans. I sure wish there would be another gathering such as this one.
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    Henry Winchester With Nimschke Scrolls

    Good lookin Winchester.
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    It's a very difficult thing to be able to develop a "style" of engraving. Yours is unique to you and very distinctive. I like it a lot!
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    Peace Pipe

    Remember??? "Conserve The Fighting Strength."