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    Very very nice. Worth it's weight in diamonds. ;~)
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    For the man who has everything...

    No doubt British government approved....for those with real wealth.
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    Question: Andu Engraver

    I bought a Lindsay several years ago. use it daily and have yet had a need to clean it. These knock off products might have a warranty, but I don't want to try and deal with a company that doesn't speak my language and I have absolutely no knowledge of. I can pickup the phone (and have done so)...
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    The Pencil Plane

    Check the Dollar Store for a 25 cent plastic pencil sharpener.
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    Lindsay air graver

    My goodness, I owe my legislators an apology as I was under the impression that our (US) taxes were out of control.
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    Prudhomme Gun Engraving Review

    Ie got a signed and remarked copy (#8). Jack even doodled on the cardboard package. I showed it to Roger at one of Scott's engraving gatherings. I often wonder what it's worth.
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    God bless Independence Day 04-JULY!!!
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    I generally enjoy classical music as I don't have to listen to words (lyrics) and find it relaxing. But I also like some Opera and believe it or not a little bit of Janice Joplin. She reminds me of my misspent youth. ;~)
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    Todays Pic Turkey Vulture on Roof

    Some wise old man told me they taste like chicken. ;~)
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    Now that's what I call 100% coverage. Lots of work time invested in that gun. Great results.
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    New Damascus Purdey

    If nothing else the wood was beautiful.
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    As We Engrave During These Difficult Times...

    Sounds like an epitaph at the end of a Seek & Destroy mission. I remember the all too well. No Chu Hois!
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    Lindsay airgraver idle?

    Have you thought about asking Steve Lindsay himself at his site??? He's very good at answering technical questions concerning his products.
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    Sharpening systems on ebay?

    Search the "TIPS" thread as there is info on how to sharpen for hand push. Its simple and all you need is a stone and two graver blanks. One to act as a base and the other to sharpen. IT WORKS!!!

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