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    Question: Graver question

    As monk pointed out so well there is to much personal choice. I engraved several years with hammer and chisel while using only HSS for anything including gold, silver, copper, brass, steel and even some stainless steel. A while ago i skiped to a palm control airgraver and now i am using almost...
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    Try to shorten the heel a bit more. I think you are a bit to much nailed to the 1/4mm heel. Sam is right here, it should not be longer than that. But i cant imagine he measured his heels and they are perfectly 0.25mm. Maybe his heels are only 0.19mm. I bet all he meant by that is that the heel...
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    Show and tell

    We don´t make mistakes, we make happy little accidents. ;)
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    Question: Andu Engraver

    Oh, and they already improved it? In the past it was used to lift something else ... Sorry, i could not resist :happyvise:
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    Practice plates

    Just buy the GRS steel practice plates. They work fine. It is mild steel that cuts very well. Dont be afraid from the word steel. It cuts better than anything else. And if your graver is sharp, which it always should be, then there is no problem. Do you want to hand push, using hammer and...
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    Winston Churchill engraved knife

    Thank you for posting this beautiful work from Winston! He is by far my most favourite engraver and i was very sorry as i heared about his health condition. A few months ago there was a knife posted at ebay also engraved by Winston and i havent seen it in any book before. It is a Jess Horn knife...
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    Question: Graver heels

    I use around 1/4 mm and i think this is considered a good length. But i bet no one is measuring how long they have made their heels. It is more the experience what works best for you. With the time you wont look at it anymore. I use the same heel length for curves and lines and it works well for...
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    Pros of procreate and other digital products

    Especially if you still struggle with scrolls i would not use a stencil for drawing them. Search a scroll that is pleasing your eyes and try to draw it over and over again until you can draw it without flaws. In my opinion drawing a scroll should come out of your muscle memory. That wont happen...
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    Pros of procreate and other digital products

    I guess a lot of the "digital setup thing" comes due to social media. It simply makes sharing a lot easier and with that it becomes more popular. I am using an ipad myself and with it the apps procreate and sketchbook. Of course, if you cant draw it does not make you any better. But it maks...
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    Help, please: Help a newb starting his journey from blank

    I use the Lindsay PC and really like that tool. Before i was engraving several years with hammer and chisel. I cant tell you if GRS or Lindsay is the better choice since i never compared them. But judging by the work done with both systems there seems to be no real difference. Those tools are...
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    Question: Wearing Mask when sharpening gravers?

    I am concerned by metal dust aswell. I have my grinder in a housing that is big enough to prevent it from saving heat but it is small enough to prevent to much dust from flying around. It looks quiet grey inside after a few grinded gravers. So it seems to hold at least a good amount of dust...
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    Coming soon...sculpting video

    Hi Sam, i cant wait to see that video!! Do you have plans on doing a tutorial about inlay techniques in the future? Greetings, Daniel
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    Help, please: even mat finish on silver and gold

    Thank you for your answers!! I will try the different approaches.
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    Help, please: even mat finish on silver and gold

    Hi there, can someone please help me with some tips how to handle surfaces? I like to do bulino engravings on silver and inlayed gold. But i always struggle to get an even mat finish. Personaly i dont like to engrave on mirror polished surfaces. Therefore i used extra fine steel wool to get a...
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    Question: Any way to know who engraved this ?

    It is just a guess but it does not look like hand engraved. Looks more like eroded to me.

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