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    Stuff I cut. Steel engraving for a Gravure Company.

    That is unfortunate
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    Hot melt glue MTC YMMV
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    Bench Pin

    They this site great tools
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    Question: Graver heels

    Maria The usual practice is to take the gun apart and remove the blueing before engraving. This may sound strange to you but I use a toilet bowl cleaned brand name the Works that will remove the bluing. Enjoy your engraving adventure
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    Reciprocating air file

    Thanks Guys
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    Reciprocating air file

    Any one tried one of these for smoothing background. Thanks
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    Dulling Glaring Distracting Reflective Surfaces when Photographing

    It also works to dull glare when engraving, thanks Daniel Houwer tip
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    Favorite Sandpaper

    I forgot to mention you can use the 3M with oil or water. I use stoning oil. Good luck
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    Favorite Sandpaper

    To prep practice plates I buy cold roll steel 3/16 inch thick from speedy metals. Much lest slag, then I use a palm wood work sander with 220 grit stick on disc’s, then move up to 400 grit and stop. MTC YMMV
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    Favorite Sandpaper

    I use 3m micro graded plastic backed, rio grand is a supplier. Lasts longer and doesn’t fall apart
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    Using a hardened bronze flat to remove excess gold from wire inlay

    I have used a steel flat wood carving chisel with the corners slightly rounded , by hand YMMV MTC
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    Help, please: Copper Inlaying techniques

    Under cut the channel make the channel about 3/4 depth of wire diameter. anneal the wire just before use, copper just sitting around can be come hard MTC YMMV
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    removing info on guns

    TOS i have used a angle grinder with sanding disc on 1911 slide. Got to be light and fast handed. LOL
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    Best (cheapest) place for Jun-Air oil?

    Or do what I did call the compressor manufacturer and request a MSDS sheet for the oil. They are required to provide one. I ended up buying a 5 gallon can for I think $120.00 delivered. Some where here is a thread on this subject. I have a silentair compressor
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    Rashid El Hadi