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    Concave and bulino, bank note tools adapters

    Yep I agree:beerchug:
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    Steve Lindsay site sells the templates
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    Help, please: Grs 901 compressors

    MTC you do not want the compressor running all the time
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    Ti practice material

    Don’t know never cut dog tags, did initial on a kershaw leek never again. I use a Lindsay 116 on TI works fine, some lube helps
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    Concave and bulino, bank note tools adapters

    Yep I have them incoming
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    New rifles for 2020

    No particular theme I am not a artist like you, one is done just normal scroll work going in Bastogne Walnut 25/45 A blown out .223 to 25 cal.The other two black leaf 6mm arc, 204 Ruger I think. These day I just put chips on the floor or the deep dish pizza pan under my vice.Weaver...
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    Help, please: even mat finish on silver and gold

    Grey scotch bright pads about 400/600 grit
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    Concave and bulino, bank note tools adapters

    FYI Steve Lindsay has some new tools on his site for the above type work. I have NO connection to his company. YMMV Happy Fathers Day
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    New rifles for 2020

    I scored three Yugoslavia. Mini Mauser actions, going in wood stocks
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    Did this today.

    Mitch the PPK,s is PP frame on a PPK slide assembly. To meet stupid law on small pistols.
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    New guy here.

    May I suggest don’t use the pins in the vise, hot glue on a piece of wood clamped in the jaws. Two reasons less vibration ( no good vibrations in engraving) and the edges of the piece won’t get damaged MTC. YMMV Nice job
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    Critique Request Line practice with round and 120 degree gravers

    try a 90 and a longer heel for straight lines, dry small heel for curves MTC YMMV
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    Using Dot Punches

    I don’t know about GRS punches, but Ngraver are made to be used with a hammer. I use jeweler beading tools usually Numbers 2,4,7,9 from Gesswein in a enset hand piece . YMMV. MTC
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    Help, please: Coin carving question

    There is a tutorial on the Steve Lindsay site, done by Steve Ellsworth. Coin carving for fun and profit, I think is the thread title

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