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    Progress Pic Stylized Cloisonne Western Clubtail

    Boy that's a lot of cloissone wires to bend and put in place! For those who haven't done this kind of work, you are looking at a ton of time here. It'll be very interesting to see this come to life! Best regards, Doug
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    Hi Mike, You've got a clean surface, and lightly thinned the paint before applying. Let it set up a bit before you wipe off the excess, and when you wipe off, whatever you use, you don't want it to be too soft or too absorbent. I've had pretty good luck with a stiff card stock, like a 3 x 5...
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    Turntable use ... i dont get it :(

    As mentioned, it can be a challenge to get everything "straight" (vise, turntable, scope). Don't rely on "eyeballing" your setup. Use a level to at least get all the components parallel to one another, and then slide things around under the scope until it lines up, as described above. If the...
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    Question: The problem of dividing section by a divider

    No question, the "wrap it around to find the length, then lay it out flat and mark divisions, then re-wrap and mark" method is fast and accurate. I use it, too. The real problem in using dividers on a ring or curved surface - you are actually marking the chord length, not the arc length. The arc...
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    Returning from semi-retirement

    I'll join the others; missed your presence. Hope you are well. Doug
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    Lindsay true center cam lock vise

    +1, Dave! Just got one at work and it is a dream. Smooth as silk and rock solid. The cam lock is quick and easy; no fighting a spring-loaded beast. Best regards, Doug
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    Need some help with this handpiece

    Otto Frei carries Badeco and has a number of replacement parts for various models.
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    Work holding with Cerro Safe type alloys.

    Seeing this thread reminded me I bought some Cerrosafe years ago, and I thought the characteristic of change in size was intriguing. I, too, have thought about using it as a work holding material, but never found an instance where I chose to go that route. From the Cerrosafe instructions...