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    Engraving motorcycle parts

    Monk is right, that is why I say replacement part and warn cust it might not cut well. As for deplate I have talked to Tira Mitchell by phone, she says deplate replate but you have to find a plater that won't fill the cuts to wash it out. That is when I decided to try replacement parts my wifes...
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    Interesting Antique Graver

    If it is not a graver my next guess would be for clock/watch repair. big in that era and have seen watch maker tools mixed in with engraving tools . engraved pocket watches were big back in the day.
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Usually the radio (classic rock) and the drone of the gravermeister. Sometimes headphones good cds to block the world and chip away...
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    Engraving motorcycle parts

    Most will say don't do it. The real answer is depends on the chrome. I have done horn covers, coil covers, swing arm inserts, and also aluminum parts. I have bought a set of expensive axle nut covers the chrome peeled in a large piece as soon as the graver went in. Chrome is pretty hard and...
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    New Damascus Purdey

    I did not see a price either, just an enquire box. Very nice looking shotgun, but I think I will have to click the box at bottom of the page that says add to wish list....
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    moving up.....kinda

    You might find it useful to cut from the inside of the scroll backbone working out to where it would start or connect to another scroll. This is sometimes useful for turning the vice into the graver with more comfort, and less stopping to readjust the hand for turning the vice.
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    Help, please: engraving copper

    cutting should give a chip curl , dull graver will push metal up on the sides and not much curl.
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    Anybody recognize these hammers.

    good idea for nailing, might keep it from hitting y darn fingers.....
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    120 chips MUCH SHARPER than 90s

    Instead of a light ring you could build a vacuum ring and suck them little buggers into a shop vac. compressor noise, shop vac noise, you put on the headphones with good music and chip away....
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    antiquing first relief engraved buckle

    I have used cold blue with a tooth pick on some back rounds.
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    120 chips MUCH SHARPER than 90s

    If you are chipping steel try a refrigerator magnet to dust over and around the area. They are not very strong to magnetize everything around but the little chips seem to like them. Also, my son told me on the gun range a strong magnet will pick up shotgun shells. The only thing I can figure is...
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    Face Masks

    thought about getting a pampers type diaper and put it on my head, then have the wife take a picture and post on facebook. Tell the readers it even comes with ready made eye holes, then i thought about the poor little kids. they would probably sell out like toilet paper does....
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    120 chips MUCH SHARPER than 90s

    for small slivers rub area with a piece of scotch brite, it usually catches it and pulls it out. learned this from working in a small machine shop.
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    anybody know

    l have seen doping wax in red and green but not yellow. works good holding stones for grinding and polishing, throw it in the freezer for a while stone pops right off.
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    Design suggestions?

    find some pic of dead or haunted forests. might have some ideas to be worked into scroll.

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