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    Multi color inlay work

    Truly spectacular! The work of a genuine artist! And thanks for letting us see it.
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    3d printing a little workbench organization

    John B ask- "But I am unfamiliar with the green block in the background of your photograph. Am I correct to assume it is something available from machine shop suppliers? What is it called and who makes it. please?" I can get a lot in a little space with these from Gesswein -...
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Several of you mention silence - It is no longer much of an option for me - I seem to have a built-in background noise that is not much fun to hear - tinnitus. At one time it reminded me of crickets or cicadas and was not too loud - now it more akin to a tiny chorus of screamers. I agree with...
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    working while staying at home

    " Will now be able to ship it back to my client " Marty - After so much work goes into a piece - Do you get any Postpartum Depression when you send a project back to a client? It is a mighty, mighty fine example of engraving!
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    working while staying at home

    You guys are keeping me in awe! I'm just getting back from several weeks with bronchitis - and tried some rose n scroll on a Rocco Chicarilli knife to get back in the swing of things. I appreciate the "English scroll", but it isn't my "cup of tea". Keep up the fine work while social...
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    Yes, still available. I can take whatever will work best for you. A Money Order or check is...

    Yes, still available. I can take whatever will work best for you. A Money Order or check is probably the best for me. Gordon Alcorn 10573 Kelly Canyon Rd Bozeman, MT 59715 406 586-1350
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    FEGA 2020 Convention Results

    John, Actually the Best Modern Gun Engraving last year, Yes, thanks! Congratulations and thanks to you John - the Emerging Artist award is now known as the John Barraclough Award! We all hope you can make it to the 40th celebration!
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    FEGA 2020 Convention Results

    The FEGA Convention is the greatest for those of us affected by the engraving bug. Great people - it is fun, inspiring, and definitely worthy of attending. Two new Master Engravers were certified out of those 5 members that applied - (Voted on by Master Engravers in attendance). Melissa McMinn...
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    Procreate on l pad class

    edgrabow15, Mark Sedlack and Sam Alfano did a seminar at the FEGA convention two years ago. The DVD is available at: It was very informative.
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    Summer Custom Gunmaking Seminars

    If you like "cutting corners", Steves seminar may not be for you. If you prefer to do things "the right way", you will be learning from one of the best.
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    Seecamp stainless

    Lee, I remember reading that the Seecamps were hard - (but so it seems that all of the SS that comes under my gravers is very hard!). Here is an earlier post about them:
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    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    Mark, You’ll be be missed at the show!
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    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    See you all in February!
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    Elk scene

    Marty, I hope you have it done for the show also so we can "drool" on it. I'm also hoping you have time to cast some study plates for us "wan-a-be's" Truly great work!
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    TLP Make sure the transfer magic is well shaken (mixed). Apply the solution with a fresh Q-tip. Do not apply too thickly - a relatively thin application works the best. Good luck.

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