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    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    Mark, You’ll be be missed at the show!
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    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    See you all in February!
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    Elk scene

    Marty, I hope you have it done for the show also so we can "drool" on it. I'm also hoping you have time to cast some study plates for us "wan-a-be's" Truly great work!
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    TLP Make sure the transfer magic is well shaken (mixed). Apply the solution with a fresh Q-tip. Do not apply too thickly - a relatively thin application works the best. Good luck.
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    Vacation pictures

    Nice Brant! I can't help but ask - do you have names for most of these beautiful creatures? Thanks for showing us landlubbers.
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    My sex-change operation

    Engraving reflecting what can go on in real life? Nice job!
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    Question: Cold blue

    Dave, Some of the cold blue solutions contain copper selenide. I'm guessing the copper reacts with the gold causing the coloring. (It has been way too long since high school chemistry to be sure of that)
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    Dubbing a graver.

    Check out the discussion on Steve Lindsay's forum: It includes a drawing of a dubbed graver.
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    Garage News: Grouse and more grouse

    That's REALLY nice Lee!!
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    17-4 stainless anyone?

    Thanks Mike, The Glock slide I engraved was 416 Stainless that cut as nicely as any Stainless that I have engraved. I do not know the engraveability of 17-4, but suspect it could be hard since 17-4 is used for items that require hardness and corrosion resistance (Wikipedia), however it is...
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    2nd Gen. Colt Navy

    Very nicely done!
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    Browning BL-92 in .44Mag Engravable?

    Mitch, I have been told by Richard Hambrook -" Any blued gun of ours can be engraved. " (He works for Browning.)
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    H&H .700

    Mr Coggans, Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to us mortal engravers.
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    To Phil Coggan

    Subscriptions, including digital, are available here: Shooting Sportsman And back issues will be available in a couple months.
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    Announcement: 2019 Firearm Engravers Guild of America Award Winners

    Thank you Marty. There was so much fantastic work there at FEGA, (including your wonderful rifles), the eyes just didn't know where to look first!

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