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    Critique Request Bulino Lion

    That looks great! I’ll see if I can get my shading a bit deeper like that! Thank you
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    Critique Request Bulino Lion

    Thank you very much John. I am hoping that it doesn’t wear too much over time haha! I guess it depends on the person who is using it.
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    Critique Request Bulino Lion

    Thank you for the book suggestion. I’m always looking for good reference material. I will certainly pick this book up.
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    Critique Request Bulino Lion

    This is my 3rd or 4th attempt at engraving an animal, I’ve only been engraving for a little over a year and would love to hear you alls thoughts. I’m fairly happy with the turn out but know that I could do it better in time. Any critiques are appreciated.
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    Lucky Students

    I wish I could be in this class!
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    FEGA Magazine issue #120

    I just joined last month so I’m super excited for this! :chip::happyvise:
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    Are you a musician?

    Played music for years till I found engraving... now not so much. Haha
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    Are you a full-time hand engraver, hobbyist, jeweler?

    I’m a stay at home dad, that engraves things when I’m not watching my daughter. I’m only a year into this art form but I take it very seriously(no other hobbies or social life, all I do is study engraving, hahaha) and seem to be pretty decent at it. I practice everyday for minimum of Atleast an...
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    iphone engraving

    I’ve been wanting to engrave mine but haven’t yet. Does this void warranty in anyway?
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    Procreate and iPad

    Well upon further research I have found that only a Pro or the newest IPad support the Apple Pencil.
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    Procreate and iPad

    I’m looking to get into this area of drawing. My question is, is an iPad Pro an absolute necessity for using Procreate? Or would a regular iPad be sufficient?
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    Thank you very much Roger! I wish it were gold unfortunately it’s just brass.

    Thank you very much Roger! I wish it were gold unfortunately it’s just brass.
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    Question: GRS graver

    Sam Alfano has a great video on sharpening on his website.
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    Question regarding level of microscope magnification

    I’m not very experienced but I usually work at 8-12.5x

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