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    JJ thanks for posting this ya got me looking for the screws I have a couple suspect areas but nothin jumps out nice job.
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    drawing scroll backbones

    Ken C Hunt has a drawing series on youtube that will help at least give you an idea where to start. Just search his name everything from basic backbones to more elaborate details presented in a way that is helpful for the artistically challenged like me.
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    Critique Request Moki pliant thuja

    Looking good Matthew. Look forward to seeing it shaded
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    Marking out gun screw and pin heads for engraving

    What ever you did on that it worked very nice. Chuck the screw in your drill turn it slow and use a scribe dragging on the screw works for me.
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    Metal inlays in wood

    Allen, if they are engraved I use screws so I can remove them after the filing and sanding engrave and replace. Smaller inlays are nailed with nails made of the inlay material. I don't use epoxy or any other glue.
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    Metal inlays in wood

    I do inlays on long rifles the most important part is file a slight draft or angle on the edge of the inlay, the bottom of the inlay should be slightly smaller than the top so as you work it into the wood it gets tighter. Take your time.
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    Metal inlays in wood

    That's funny Andrew most I have seen were nailed in with nails made of whatever the inlay was made from. When done right almost invisible
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    Finished Weatherby Orion

    J do you mean another line inside the border so negative space separates the border from the scene and scrolls? I did intend to do it this way but I like your idea. Thanks
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    Finished Weatherby Orion

    Finished Weatherby Orion. Feel free to critique my work your not going to offend me. I want to know what to work on to make it better. Thanks, Leland
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    For Leland

    Thanks Sam always great to see your art. Mind boggling to me how you do it.
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    New project

    Progress on the left side. Thanks for looking and the comments.
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    New project

    50000 blades of grass later I'm questioning my judgment but it's done. I hate eastern red cedars I spend a lot of time trying to control them in my pastures but I guess you draw what you see.
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    New project

    thanks paps
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    New project

    thanks monk, I will put in some foreground to a vanishing point. I'm practicing cutting big bluestem. not ready to cut it on the gun yet, just a little bit along the bottom tried to make left bird look like it's just coming out of the grass.
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    New project

    I started this Monday have made some progress.

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