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    Recycling 24k gold scrap?

    Update: I did sell it to a local jeweler who I occasionally do some work for. He was happy to buy and at a slightly better percentage of spot price than I would have gotten from Rio with no postage. Win win.
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    Micro Engraving

    Thanks for posting that, but mostly because there was another story on the site about a photography contest on Nextdoor. The grand prize winner is a shot of two young Great Horned Owls which was taken not too far from me. The guy who took the pic posted it on our local Nextdoor a few weeks ago.
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    Recycling 24k gold scrap?

    As it turns out I’m still listed as a “wholesale account”, which was a bit of a surprise since I haven’t exactly been a huge customer over the last 40yrs, but I’m not gonna argue with them. As for recycling it myself, I don’t even think there’s a crucible around here anymore, I know I don’t...
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    Recycling 24k gold scrap?

    For decades I’ve used Rio Grande, but it appears they no longer offer this service to “standard” customers. Any suggestions? Anybody want to buy 6.6 grams, 10.25DWTs, of clean 24k directly from me? Or did i do that backwards? 1.555 grams per DWT? So 6.6grams = 4.24DWT?
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    Engraving concave areas

    You’re welcome. Obviously it will feel a little weird to use at first with such a steep angle of attack, but you get used to it.
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    Engraving concave areas

    Really steep, 30-35deg, heels, with a correspondingly shallow face to maintain a more or less consistent point geometry. Grind and polish a radius on the belly line of the graver so it doesn’t scratch if it contacts an adjacent surface.
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    Hello new member here from northern indiana

    You might want to do some small customization of the etching with hand engraving BUT you will definitely not want to try doing it all that way. It will take forever to cut that much that deep. For what it’s worth, I think the etched heads look pretty nice.
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    Help please! 75 degree graver

    Just curious what you need a 75 for?
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    Needle file question

    I have a bunch of needle and escapement files that are ground finer/narrower to suit whatever i was working on. I also have some with “safed” sides that are ground, stoned, and polished to cut perfect inside corners. It’s often critical to file only one side of a space/gap/joint at a time.
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    thicker wire inlay - should I stick with hand tools or get a pneumatic graver?

    Depends on why you’re doing this stuff. Is it mostly for the experience of the process or would you be happier with a more efficient means to producing the end result? It can be deeply satisfying to do everything “the hard way”, but it ain’t the fastest route to enjoying the pretty thing you made.
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    Has anyone heard of this firearm engraver

    It looks like a stamping (which doesn’t mean it’s not an engraver’s signature) and the fifth letter is obscured by the engraving. And btw, thanks for posting a nice, clear closeup. Sometimes people post pics that look like they were shot from a satellite on a cloudy day. You can barely identify...
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    Reversing graver sharpener.

    Not all motors are easy to reverse rotation. For whatever reason, earlier GRS Powerhones turned CCW, which I always thought was backwards. I finally called the motor mfr and ordered the exact same model with CW rotation. I remember the gal telling me they only make the other kind for one...
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    does anybody know

    I’m having trouble seeing where this graver works so superduperfabulous that it justifies the time and trouble of making one. I don’t even like relieving behind the heel for the graver i use for lettering in silver. And when it breaks, well there’s a half hour grinding everything back and...
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    Looking for Work holding suggestions.

    Sent you a PM.
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    Question: From every angle

    I’m not sure I understand your question. What do you mean by an “angle to start designs with”?

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