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    Any recommendations for turntable stand?

    Allan, Thank you for responding and the info you provided. I do have an old drill press stand but without bolting the stand down I notice a slight wobble when I’m engraving. Also the turntable I have is an old cake turntable and didn’t work too great. Get tired of chasing my work under a...
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    Any recommendations for turntable stand?

    I’m trying to decide between the GRS satellite turntable package or the Lindsey turntable stand. Both look good but im leaning towards the GRS version even though it’s more money. Any recommendations on which way to go? Thanks in advance for all your help
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    graver geometry calculator

    Here’s the link to the calculator
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    What brand of laser printer works best for transfers?

    I bought a brother laser printer and some lacquer thinner and I’m having no luck transferring the image. Any recommendations on a laser printer that works with either lacquer thinner or acetone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any info Mo
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    lindsay classic palmcontrol or Grs Gravermach AT and why?

    Hello all, I'm interested in learning how to engrave and I've read everything I could on line and I even purchased the art of engraving book. I've read a lot of great reviews on the classic palmcontrol and that was my first choice but recently I had a well known engraverand instructor and his...