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    Question: Mix and match

    not sure what, "mix or match" means. on a simple plaque ( not many lines), i'd use no more than 2 fonts. on a single line, i'd never us 2 different fonts on that line. on a complex plaque, (many lines & maybe a logo) sometimes 3 different fonts can be effective. then, too, your client may want...
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    Elk scene

    the combination of detail, highlight/shadow, and perspective in these pieces are just unbelievable.
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    Elk scene

    really good lookin from where i sit. tyvm 4 showing
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    Treasures from my parents' basement

    yard darts are now likely banned by u no hu. still have one lodged in me behind from 50 years ago !
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    Garage News: Thanksgiving drawing

    beautiful. amazing to have drawn this straight out of your memory.
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    Question: Beginner instruction

    not sure, but you may find such using the forum search bar
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    Question: Beginner instruction

    none needed. most folks make them, myself included
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    Announcement: New, Know Nothing

    i can instruct you on methods of creating yer own templates for your gtx. somewhere in the archive i posted a few fotos of ones i've made the transfer technique is quite easy. shoot me a pm. i can help you. the gtx was a steal at $ 75. btw, welcome to the forum.
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    New to the Cafe

    one thing to note about grs goodies, they last, and last, well you get the picture don't be fooled on ebay by foreign-made knockoffs. most of this stuff will bring more grief than joy !
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    just a pleasure to look at your creations. you cast doubt on the premise that the hand can never achieve perfection. do you direct draw on the piece, or use transfers ?
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    Question: Beginner instruction

    welcome, mikeg. yours is possibly the most intelligent first post i've ever seen. there's no better way to start such an undertaking than taking a class to see what all is involved in this art.
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    Whats the name of this tool (Engravers Ball Alternative)

    might be homemade, my guess. i'd simply call it a mini turntable
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    bruce meeks is alive and well. at least his legacy. nice project
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    the full shot is just super neat looking. the perspective in the cave is cool.
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    yes it is somewhat better. tyvm