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    Cutting aluminum

    if you are doing curves, very little heel is needed. best to use a bit of lube when doing aluminum.
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    This Frog Needs An Engraving with a Scroll

    i've seen quite a few mini frogs when i was undergoing junngle training. maybe not this particular one. not safe to handle most of them. paralysis and other crap can happen if you handle them
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    Critique Request A rough design for a lion pendant

    will look much better when cut in metal. you sure this is called a "lion" and not a chimera or some such ?
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    Latest knife learning inlay

    well, the quality of your piece smacks of professionalism. engraving is not a race. with practice, one can learn of techniques and simple time saving tricks that do lessen the time needed to do quality work.
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    Question: What is the proper steel for machine engraving precious metals?

    bed springs ? that's one of the few things i never tried making a graver with.
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    The Secret Meeting of Bulgarian Engravers 2021

    there's nothing more honorable than gifting children with knowledge and supporting them with hands-on training. cheers to you for doing that !
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    Help Thermo plastic or wax

    yes. i cut criss cross grooves all over the plate. this not only aids in the glue forming a good anchor, the grooves allow the alcohol to penetrate much faster for a very easy release. send me yer mailing address and dimensions of what you want. i'll send you a piece.
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    Knife Scales

    you have such an amazing talent. tyvm for sharing this.
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    Leaf cypher pendant work in progress

    looks to be a great start. be sure to darken the background a bit. such will make the letter pop !
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    Digital Microscopes

    optics are reasonable on most. any i've tried had a really wobbly mount and were a pita to focus.
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    Help Thermo plastic or wax

    no foto here. hot melt glue will also take the tiniest details. release with isopropyl alkyhaul
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    Question: What is the proper steel for machine engraving precious metals?

    there's really only two choices--- hss or carbide. i know of no other special alloys for cnc or pantograph work. there are diamond points configured to create wider, frosty looking cuts when used in rotary mode rather than just the typical drag or scratch mode.
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    Nikon microscope ques

    i'm just guessing here--- i'd say no.
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    Engraving for the wall

    as above, rather worthy of yer favorite wall
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    the ones i've done were good to go without softening. as mentioned, the gate is an exception. those were very hard.