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    Critique Request Beginner level scroll design attempt

    the spine needs more attention. flat spots and bumps are to be avoided. the cutting is somewhat better than your design. a bit more pencil, a bit less graver will reward your efforts. jmho
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    first attempt at knife scale

    dont eat them. they are rubbery and no flavor without tabasco.
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    i'm not sure what the problem is. im one of the forum moderators. when a newbe first posts...

    i'm not sure what the problem is. im one of the forum moderators. when a newbe first posts, they are set aside for approval by one of the mods. i have not seen any posting that you did. the only reason a mod would nix them purposely, would be if the post violated any of the forum rules...
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    Help, please: engraving copper

    short heels are needed for curves. myybe as thick as a hair. not nuch more. short heels are far easier to control. atleast that's my experience.
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    Help, please: Trying to teach myself engraving while at home

    befriend a dentist. those that no longer serve the dentist make excellent tools for coin work. most dentists just toss them in the trash. not my dentist, he knows i can use them. he even gave me a brand new junn-air compressor. i love my dentist !! i never discourage a person from making their...
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    Help, please: Grs 901 compressors

    welcome to the froum. check out the classified "buy & sell section of the forum. you never know what's there till you check it out. if none of the members can answer the question, a call to emporia surely will. good luck.
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    first attempt at knife scale

    totally insane design ! which i think is also totally cool. i was on a dive near the island of grenada. i'm reasonably sure i saw a critter that looked like this. not recreational, i was a military diver.
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    Method of engraving Old English

    the albert winter booklet shows a lot of info on establishing layout procedure. just one of many.
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    Grs handpiece compatible with other mfrs?

    the units do work. who knows how long the little 20 dollar compressors will work.the one i made ( just for the heck of it) has enough power to do jewelry, coins, and most any soft metal. i never tried mine on steel . fwiw, in my opinion, they are superior to the big toys only in price. as for...
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    Lettering question re: cutting Old English in the "ideal" order with bright cuts and regular line cuts

    not everyone does a given process the same way. the methods chosen for any one engraver should produce the best result with comfort and efficiency. listen to everyone on a subject, and from all the info, develop a plan that works for you. time & practice brings reward.
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    Lettering question re: cutting Old English in the "ideal" order with bright cuts and regular line cuts

    if your graver control is up to speed, there should be no problem. the oe stuff i've done-- i don't think i ever followed a set routine for this style. careful layout with reasonably good control, combined with practice. who knows what diligent practice will bring ? to me, a highly regimented...
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    SAA Work Holding Question

    never used one. if mikeydu used it, aand grs sells it----you'd likely be happy with it. jmho
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    Question: Optivisor v "Dental" Loupes

    i've used them all. the surgical type were nice. but they had maybe 13 " focal length. they made me feel as though there was some sort of "disconnect" between the object and my eyeballs. they also added a lot of pressure to the bridge of my nose. i soon gave up on the telescopic type. i still...
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    Critique Request honest critique on progress

    at the viewing angle, i think maybe 2 or 3 fewer teeth would improve it. if you're brave enough, you could overlay or inlay a bit more material to do that. your sculpting shows very good control to allow a good 3d effect. the finish is good and smoothe.
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    Critique Request honest critique on progress

    improved but the teeth in the last one seem to recede rather than project outwards.

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