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    A recent coin.

    A recent skull I did on a coin. Just want to continue to update on my journey here. Thanks for looking.
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    Laser Printer Transfer Help

    So for the most part I have them down from straight acetone, to damar varnish if needed. My question is do you guys prefer a certain paper brand over another? I got some paper from Walmart and apparently I’ve burned through the 500 pages over the past two years. What I used was pretty thick...
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    Remade my power hone!

    It uses a 24v motor for higher torque.
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    Remade my power hone!

    Revamped my power hone build, just wanted to share some pictures of it as an update to the last time I posted about it. It is a direct driven system, no pulleys. Working on condensing it to a smaller size.
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    Compressor recommendations

    Yes. 60db is by no means quiet. M Half my bedroom is my studio so I sound proofed the closet and had to shut the door or I would get the same look you got. I would spend the extra money on something truly quiet. I think it will be disappointing when they hear a 60db compressor so close in person.
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    Compressor recommendations

    Harbor freight sells a 2gallon that’s a 60db. The biggest issue wasn’t really the sound but the vibration. After buying my silentaire I would never go back to oiless.
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    Question: Buffalo nickel source

    Like Gtsport said just about any change is a good place to start. I like carving buffaloes but I also like to go and grab coins from the big foreign coin box at my lcs. 10 cents a piece and I find some really good face coins to carve some skulls on.
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    Upgrade my current hone or go for GRS?

    If possible maybe change your housing unit to something a bit bigger. This shell cost me $20 on Amazon
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    Upgrade my current hone or go for GRS?

    I would just set your sharpening jig on a stack of hard books or a block of wood around the same height next to the hone. Also you want to find some diamond flat lap disc.
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    My Most Recent Coin Carving

    Just wanted to share my most recent work with you guys. Thanks for looking :)
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    Sam Alfano’s Pendant Kit

    Hey guys and girls, I received my kit late yesterday and finally got to open this evening. My first impression was wondering how on earth I was going to be able to replicate any of this. I own Sam’s dvds on scrollwork and engraving scrollwork but do more drawing than anything. Now I haven’t...
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    How I mounted a fluorescent ring light on my Meiji EMZ-5

    This came in handy today sir. Thank you!
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait.
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    Help, please: Transferring Vector to black object

    Hello monk! This is after engraving, I was sent something different than agreed upon by customer so I played it safe. What I ended up doing was the transfer straight to surface and letting it dry until the next day. Using the ring light from the scope I constantly rotated the vice to see the...
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    Help, please: Transferring Vector to black object

    I managed to make it happen! Thanks everyone.

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