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    Ken Onion Leek

    Like a very large green onion.
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    The Story of Iron

    In regards to the history of iron, one might find the book "The Arms of Krupp" an interesting read.
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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    The axe will likely be very tough or hard metal and the plating will chip if you can cut through it. To properly engrave a chrome plated item requires the plating (usually three layers of copper, nickel and chrome) to be removed and then perhaps re-plated after engraving which means you will...
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    The Story of Iron

    "I wonder which star it was" Makes me wonder...can you make a wish upon a star that no longer exists?
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    The Secret Meeting of the Bulgarian Engravers

    Nothing beats fine friends, fine engraving and fine food all wrapped up in one gathering! Thanks for the photos Evgeni and I bet next year is even better.
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    I hate lettering

    You can often tell how engravers got started by their "lettering attitude". Those who start out on guns and such, like me, cringe at lettering and learn to tolerate it. Those who start out in the jewelry trade learn lettering first and develop a liking for it before moving into other areas...
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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    Sorry to be so slow responding but I had to dry out my keyboard after drooling on it so much...............
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    New to the Cafe

    Shucks, not even a nibble! Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes were co-conspirators in the gunpowder plot to blow up King James I and parliament in 1604. There were others involved, captured, tortured and executed.
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    New to the Cafe

    So, MN, are you in Danger of doing Catesby as well?
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    Random pictures

    And another one
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    Random pictures

    For William Henry...
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    Help me identify engraver

    They not only make a lot of knives, they also use a lot of engravers from around the world.
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    Returning from semi-retirement

    Probably just the three of us that still used it Bill.
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    Returning from semi-retirement

    I am with you Leland!!
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    Returning from semi-retirement

    Welcome back Brian...wondered where you were!

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