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    Microscope setup to avoid back and neck pain.

    You can add some tubing to extend your focal distance to your optivisor.
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    R.I.P. Ray Philips

    What a life!!!!! Ray was always willing to help a young guy out. I Remember meeting Ray at the Pamona Gun show with John B. at his side. I was a young engraver then. John could teach you how and Ray had the right tools to get it done. Thank you Ray for being a part of our lives and providing us...
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    I have one. As with all of the different systems, it fills a niche. I haven't tried one that does it all yet. It does have many good features like speed control down to a single impact and a power range control that is pretty good too. I really like the collet system it has with indexable slots...
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    Help, please: Transfer wax alternative

    I started with Gouda cheese wax eons ago, I get a fresh supply every time I go grocery shopping. this tip was given to me by John B. when I took his class!!!!
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    Upgrade my current hone or go for GRS?

    It looks like it ought to be easy enough to add a flat surface to the platform on the current hone enough for the da fixture. As for the laps,I would not go to the expense of purchasing the expensive ones.
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    I Believe it is, the battery pac has a 120 plug outlet on it.
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    This happen to anybody else?

    "I want you engrave an inscription on the inside of an urn for me, how much will it cost for "Love ya to the moon and back"???? I replied " does it really matter?????
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    Las Vegas

    I thought I would have another table at FEGA this year to rep the OTHER engraver category but it didn't work out that way. I was talking to Jesse Kaufman the other day about coming and we both concluded that it would be worth coming to sit in on the seminars anyway. What we wanted to know is...
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    Any mistake can be fixed

    True artistry of engraving is to be able to cover a mistake if it happens!!!!!!
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    Signet ring die struck

    Check with Kevin Potter
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    savage 99

    Jesse Kaufman is the checker KING!!!!
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    You should start with copper for a practice medium and expand from there. Check out The Jewelery Engravers Manual By R. Allen Hardy and Engraving on Precious Metals by A. Brittain,S. Wolpert And P. Morton. These are rather dated books but good help none the less. Keep in mind that while using...

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