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    Heinar Tamme

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, I'm still pretty confused how to use this forum and how to navigate it. I've been trying to locate these DVD's for a few years and I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into where I could get a hold of them. Thank you. The Beginners Set...
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    My computer died right after I posted this and i didn't get it fixed and back til just now. But thanks for the response! I'm not 100% sure I understand but I'm going to try this.
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    I am am trying to use a crocker fixture right now. Ive read this thread and the pdf's attached have been helpful. I havve some templates I usually use to sharpen gravers. I have a crocker and finally decided to try it, especially because I don't have a way right now to sharpen gravers with...
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    Bank note portrait graver.

    Writing just to follow and see the rest of the comments. Really interested in this.
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    Question: Vintage Vise Pins.

    Hi everyone, I'm really new to engraving, meaning I haven't done it at all yet. I've just done research and am in the slowly buying tools stage until I have what I need. I'll get there... Anyways, I recently got a victor engraving vise on ebay. It's really exciting and beautiful and I can't wait...