1. P

    Stainless 1911 Finishing

    Good morning, I am going to engrave my stainless steel 1911 slide and I was talking to a gunsmith about finishing and he said all ss slides have some sort of protective finishing applied from the factory. Does anyone know if this is true? What is the finishing norm for stainless after...
  2. F

    Question: 1911 engraving

    Hello, I'm in the process of ordering a Wilson Combat 1911. They offer an engraving option but they don't provide any proof for the customer. So, it's a little bit like buying a pig in a poke. :( However, they sent me this email: Custom scrollwork can be provided as a digital file...
  3. M

    Question: Ed Brown 1911

    I just wanted to ask if anyone has cut on a stainless, Ed Brown 1911. If so, how does it cut? Any advice?:thinking:
  4. MexicanEngraver

    Colt 1911 " THE TIGER "

    Colt 1911 " The Tiger " Finished in nickel Engraving and Design Made in Mexico By Ing. Luis Rojas. :drawing::hammer: over 100 years in art engrave :hammer: you can see more samples of my work in: http://www.youtube.com/user/Grabador1?feature=mhee
  5. MexicanEngraver

    Yet another Colt 1911 Frame

    Colt 1911 Frame, engraved and Design Ing. Rojas Arreguin:hammer:
  6. MexicanEngraver

    Colt 4 horses

    Colt 4 Caballos, Grabada por Don Luis Rojas, Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico